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Practice Online Check Point Certified Security Master – R80 156-115.80 Free Questions

1. Tom has been tasked to install Check Point R80 in a distributed deployment.

Before Tom installs the systems this way, how many machines will he need if he does NOT include a SmartConsole machine in his calculations?


2. In order to test ClusterXL failovers which command would you use on one of the ClusterXL nodes to initiate a failover?


3. Which of the following is NOT a valid “fwaccel” parameter?


4. Which of the following is not one of the relational database domains that stores the management configuration?


5. What file extension should be used with fw monitor to allow the output file to be imported and read in Wireshark?


6. Where will the usermode core files located?


7. How often will a gateway with Performance Pack running by default automatically review and distribute interface affinity between cores?


8. Which of the following features is supported in Check Point’s implementation of IPv6?


9. You verified that Performance Pack is disabled and need to distribute the affinity interfaces.

What command would you run to use static affinity to balance the interfaces between the SND cores?


10. Which command would you use to check CoreXL instances for IPv6 traffic?


11. What must be done for the “fw monitor” command to capture packets through the firewall kernel?


12. Consider a Check Point Security Gateway under high load.

What mechanism can be used to confirm that important traffic such as control connections are not dropped?


13. What is the default and maximum number of entries in the ARP Cache Table in a Check Point appliance?


14. Which kernel debug flag should you use to troubleshoot NAT connections?


15. You are working with multiple Security Gateways enforcing an extensive number of rules.

To simplify security administration, which action would you choose?


16. Which type of SecureXL templates is enabled by default on Security Gateways?


17. Which one of following commands should you run to display HTTPS packet content together with kernel debug?


18. You issued the command “set ipv6-state on” in order to enable IPv6 protocol on a Security Gateway. The command was executed successfully. After reboot you notice that IPv6 protocol is not enabled.

What do you do to permanently enable IPv6 protocol?


19. Where does the translation occur with Hide NAT?


20. Fill in the blank. The tool ____________________ generates a R80 Security Gateway configuration report.


21. Which is the correct “fw monitor” syntax for creating a capture file for loading it into WireShark?


22. How many layers are incorporated in IPS detection and what are they called?


23. What is the command to check the current status of hyper-threading?


24. What occurs when Bypass Under Load activated?


25. Having a look at the output of the “fwaccel conns” command, the F flag is the indicator for a packet ______________.


26. Of how many packets consists Main Mode in Phase 1?


27. What does the command “vpn shell tunnels delete all ike” do?


28. When enabling hyper-threading on a Security Gateway, the administrator needs to make sure there is enough _______________ to support additional CoreXL Firewall instances.


29. You run “cat/proc/smt_status” on your security gateway and the output shows ‘Soft Disable’.

How is your system configured in reference to hyper-threading?


30. Which command is used to enable IPv6 on Security Gateway?


31. What is the correct command to turn off an IKE debug?


32. What process(es) should be checked if there is high I/O and you suspect it may be related to the Antivirus Software Blade?


33. Which of the following is NOT a special consideration while running fw monitor on production firewall?


34. In R80 spoofing is defined as a method of:


35. Which of the following inputs is suitable for debugging HTTPS inspection issues?


36. Which of the connections cannot be accelerated with SecureXL?


37. Which of the following ports are used for SIC?


38. Joey’s implementing a new R80.10 firewall cluster into the network. During the implementation he notices that the cluster object is in error state in SmartConsole. He tries to figure out the cause of the problem and runs a ClusterXL kernel debug with command: ‘fw ctl debug Cm cluster + stat pnote conf ccp’ ClusterXL kernel debug shows him following info: fwha_set_new_local_state: Old version HA machines exist around so prevent state change to READY.

How can he solve the problem?


39. Which file would you need to make sure you collect when debugging a VPN that fails to establish that is configured to use IKEv2?


40. What is the name of the table that an administrator would review to investigate a port exhaustion error when using Hide NAT?


41. After determining that the IPS Blade is causing high resource utilization in the gateway, which would be an appropriate strategy to improve IPS performance?


42. Which process is responsible for the generation of certificates?


43. Which one of the following does not belong to an initial status of a critical device?


44. Fill in the blank: The R80 feature _________________ permits blocking specific IP addresses for a specified time period.


45. The Security Gateway is installed on GAiA R80. The default port for the Web User Interface is _____________.


46. What is enabled by the command “vpn debug mon”?


47. Fill in the blank: The R80 utility fw monitoris used to troubleshoot ___________________.


48. Which daemon would you debug if you have issues acquiring identities via identity sharing and identities with other gateways?


49. What is the difference between disabling SecureXL by running “fwaccel off” and disabling it via cpconfig?


50. What is the role of FWM process in Check Point R80.10 Security Management architecture?


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