199-01 Practice Test Questions – Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional

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199-01 Practice Test Questions – Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional

1. You can monitor your Steelhead appliance disk performance using which reports? (Select 2)


2. What happens to traffic when a Steelhead appliance reports admission control?


3. Why should you use promiscuous mode on each in-path virtual NIC for Virtual Steelhead appliance? (Select 2)


4. What deployment type supports fail-to-wire?


5. Can you optimize FTP using Steelhead Mobile?


6. Where are SDR references maintained on a Steelhead appliance?


7. Which of the following features are available with the Virtual Steelhead appliance? (Select 2)


8. What of the following are true when deploying the Virtual Steelhead appliance? (Select 2)


9. What information does the OVA package include about the Virtual Steelhead appliance? (Select 4)


10. When deploying a Virtual Steelhead appliance, how much extra memory should be allocated for the extra VMware overhead?


11. What are the possible ways to downgrade a Virtual Steelhead appliance after it has been upgraded?


12. When upgrading a Virtual Steelhead appliance, what steps can be taken to preserve the existing datastore?


13. The amount of memory required for Steelhead Mobile installation varies between 81 MB to 228 MB.

What is the reasons for the variation?


14. What platform is supported by SMC-VE?


15. Which of the following are Steelhead Mobile Controller alarms? (Select 2)


16. Which of the following is Endpoint alarm?


17. After upgrading the Steelhead Mobile Controller to the latest software release, it requires a reboot. During the reboot, what would happen to the users connected to the Steelhead Mobile Controller via the Steelhead Mobile client?


18. When configuring SSL optimization for Steelhead Mobile clients, what step must be taken?


19. Which of the following deployments is incompatible with the Branch Warming feature?


20. In a WCCP cluster using mask assignments, if there are six Steelhead appliances in the cluster, what is the minimum number of bits that should be used?


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