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1. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator uses Citrix Universal Print Server to map all printers. The administrator plans to implement TEKLYNX label printers in the warehouse but first needs to test the driver.

Which tool should the administrator use to test the driver?


2. A Citrix Administrator needs to perform Power Management on machines.

Which type of machine supports this feature within a XenDesktop infrastructure?


3. A Citrix Administrator needs to add a VMware ESXi host as a hosting unit in the XenDesktop.

Which three permissions are required by User account to add the VMware ESXi host? (Choose thre)


4. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to deploy a new version of Receiver to 10 users who are onsite as visitors and use personal BYOD laptops that run an older version of Receiver. The users only require a base installation of Receiver with NO customizations; however, they will need to have the ability to print and save files locally from within their sessions.

The users will access XenDesktop resources through StoreFront.

Which two deployment options can the administrator choose for these users? (Choose two.)


5. Which profile type will save changes made by users to their Microsoft Office applications in a pooled random virtualized environment?


6. A Citrix Administrator is preparing to deploy 500 Windows 10 Virtual Desktops by using Machine Creation Services (MCS).
How much storage space, at a minimum, needs to be allocated to the Identity Disks in this environment?


7. Scenario: A Lead Citrix Administrator for a large company hired a new administrator for the team to help manage the XenDesktop infrastructur The new administrator will need to manage user sessions and power-manage machines within the Delivery but should NOT be able to create any new objects.

Which role should the lead administrator create for the new administrator?


8. Scenario: A company maintains a XenDesktop infrastructure with a stand-alone license server. Recently, the license server had a hardware failure and can NO longer communicate on the network.

The license server has a valid license file with a current Subscription Advantage (SA) date on it.

What will happen to the XenDesktop environment with the license server now offline?


9. What should a Citrix Administrator keep in mind when using a Windows-based identical License Server for high availability?


10. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configures the “Auto connect client drives” user settings to map client drives within the Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) session for all published desktops. The setting is configured in a Baseline Group Policy Object (GPO) and linked to an Organizational Unit (OU) that contains all of the published desktops.

When a user launches the desktop, client drives are NOT mappe What is a possible reason?


11. A Citrix Administrator is preparing printers to be mapped into users’ sessions.

Which step can the administrator perform to present the printers to the users?


12. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is in the process of creating a new Machine Catalog. The administrator discovers that the option to power-manage the catalog is NOT availabl

What is causing this issue?


13. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator recently upgraded a XenApp 6.5 deployment to XenApp 7.15 LTSR.

The administrator wants to implement a feature in XenApp 7.15 LTSR that is similar to Worker Groups in XenApp 6.5.

Which option in XenApp 7.15 LTSR has similar functionality to Worker Groups in XenApp 6.5?


14. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to deploy 2000 virtual desktops. The hardware in the environment has a very fast SSD local storage, and the SAN is running almost at capacity. There is NO need for user-installed applications or persistency in the environment.

Which provisioning method would allow the administrator to save SAN storage?


15. A Citrix Administrator needs to update a master image for random/non-persistent desktops based on Machine Creation Services.

Which consequence does the administrator need to be aware of when updating the master image?


16. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a Human Resources (HR) User Group, which has the following requirements:

• Users require access to standard Microsoft Office applications.
• Users do NOT require personalization.
• Users do NOT engage in resource-intensive application work.

Which FlexCast Model can the administrator use?


17. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has received complaints from users who have mistakenly closed published applications prematurely. These users report that it takes significant time to relaunch the application.

The administrator needs a solution that will reduce application launch times in these situations.

Which feature should the administrator enable?


18. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to implement Office 365 with XenApp and XenDesktop in the environment.

The Exchange server is local to the environment, so the administrator decides to configure Outlook in Online Mod

What is the requirement to configure Online Mode in this situation?


19. Which feature keeps sessions active on the user’s screen, when network connectivity is interrupted?


20. The Helpdesk Administrator informs the Citrix Administrator that users are facing intermittent printer mapping issues in the environment.

Where can the Citrix Administrator look for the cause of this issue?


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