1Y0-440 Free Questions – Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution

Most of the Cisco 1Y0-440 exam is offered in the form of Questions and Answers patteren on the different aspects of the certification exam. Passquestion 1Y0-440 Free Questions provides you the gateway to success in actual 1Y0-440 Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution. With Passquestion 1Y0-440 Free Questions, Cisco 1Y0-440 certification will be achieved successfully.

1Y0-440 Free Questions – Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution

1. A Citrix Architect has deployed NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NMAS) to monitor a high availability pair of NetScaler VPX devices.

The architect needs to deploy automated configuration backup to meet the following requirements:

– The configuration backup file must be protected using a password.

– The configuration backup must be performed each day at 8:00 AM GMT.

– The configuration backup must also be performed if any changes are made in the ns.conf file.

– Once the transfer is successful, auto-delete the configuration file from the NMAS.

Which SNMP trap will trigger the configuration file backup?


2. A Citrix Architect can execute a configuration job using a DeployMasterConfiguration template on a NetScaler_________deployed_________. (Choose the correct option to complete sentence.)


3. Scenario: Based on a discussion between a Citrix Architect and a team of Workspacelab members, the MPX Logical layout for Workspacelab has been created across three (3) sites.

The requirements captured during the design discussion held for a NetScaler design project are as follows:

– Two (2) pairs of NetScaler MPX appliances deployed in the DMZ and internal network.

– High Availability will be accessible for each NetScaler MPX

– The external NetScaler MPX appliance will be deployed in multi-arm mode.

– The internal NetScaler MPX will be deployed in single-arm mode wherein it will be connected to Cisco ACI Fabric.

– All three (3) Workspacelab sites: Dc, NDR and DR, will have similar NetScaler configurations and design.

How many NetScaler MPX appliances should the architect deploy at each site to meet the design requirements above?


4. Scenario: A Citrix Architect needs to plan for a customer environment in which more than 10,000 users will need access. The networking infrastructure needs to be able to handle the expected usage.

Which business driver should be prioritized based on the customer’s requirement?


5. What can help a Citrix Architect prepare to discuss time scales and resource requirements?


6. Which markup language can a Citrix use along with NITRO API to create a StyleBook?


7. Scenario: The Workspacelab team has configured their NetScaler Management and Analytics (NMAS) environment. A Citrix Architect needs to log on to the NMAS to check the settings.

Which two authentication methods are supported to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)


8. Scenario: A Citrix Architect has configured NetScaler Gateway integration with a XenApp environment to provide access to users from two domains: vendorlab.com and workslab.com. The Authentication method used is LDAP.

Which two steps are required to achieve Single Sign-on StoreFront using a single store? (Choose two.)


9. Scenario: A Citrix Architect has implemented two high availability pairs of MPX 5500 and MPX 11500 devices respectively with nc version. The NetScaler devices are set up to handle NetScaler Gateway, Load Balancing, Application Firewall, and Content Switching. The Workspacelab infrastructure is set up to be monitored with NMAS version nc by the Workspacelab administrators. The Workspacelab team wants to implement one more pair of NetScaler MPX 7500 devices with version nc.

The Citrix consulting team has assigned the task to implement these NetScaler devices in the infrastructure and set them up to be monitored and managed by NMAS.

The following are the requirements that were discussed during the project initiation call:

NMAS should be configured to get the infrastructure information under sections such as HDX Insight, WEB Insight, and Security Insight.

Configuration on the new MPX devices should be identical to MPX 11500 devices.

Configuration changes after the deployment and initial setup should be optimized using NMAS.

NMAS should be utilized to configure templates that can be utilized by the Workspacelab team in future deployment.

As per the requirement from the Workspacelab team, NMAS should be store the audited data for only 15 days.

Which process should the architect utilize to ensure that the deployment of MPX 11500 devices are optimized and that it is correct, before deploying the devices in production?


10. Scenario: A Citrix Architect needs to assess a NetScaler Gateway deployment that was recently completed by a customer and is currently in pre-production testing. The NetScaler Gateway needs to use ICA proxy to provide access to a XenApp and XenDesktop environment. During the assessment, the customer informs the architect that users are NOT able to launch published resources using the Gateway virtual server.

Click the Exhibit button to view the troubleshooting details collected by the customer.

What is the cause of this issue?


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