1Z0-062 Free Questions – Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration

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1Z0-062 Free Questions – Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration

1. Examine the parameters for your database instance:

You execute the following command:


Which statement is true in this scenario?


2. A user establishes a connection to a database instance by using an Oracle Net connection.

You want to ensure the following:

  1. The user account must be locked after five unsuccessful login attempts.
  2. Data read per session must be limited for the user.
  3. The user cannot have more than three simultaneous sessions.
  4. The user must have a maximum of 10 minutes session idle time before being logged off automatically.

How would you accomplish this?


3. As a user of the ORCL database, you establish a database link to the remote HQ database such that all users in the ORCL database may access tables only from the SCOTT schema in the HQ database. SCOTT’s password is TIGER. The service mane “HQ” is used to connect to the remote HQ database.

Which command would you execute to create the database link?


4. What happens if a maintenance window closes before a job that collects optimizer statistics completes?


5. You plan to create a database by using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), with the following specifications:

– Applications will connect to the database via a middle tier.

– The number of concurrent user connections will be high.

– The database will have mixed workload, with the execution of complex BI queries scheduled at night.

Which DBCA option must you choose to create the database?


6. Which two statements are true about the logical storage structure of an Oracle database? (Choose two.)


7. Which two statements correctly describe the relationship between data files and logical database structures? (Choose two.)


8. Which statement is true about the Log Writer process?


9. The ORCL database is configured to support shared server mode. You want to ensure that a user connecting remotely to the database instance has a one-to-one ratio between client and server processes.

Which connection method guarantees that this requirement is met?


10. Which two tasks can be performed on an external table? (Choose two.)


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