1Z0-063 Free Questions – Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration

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1Z0-063 Free Questions – Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration

1. Which two statements are true about scheduling operations in a pluggable database (PDB)? (Choose two.)


2. A complete database backup to media is taken for your database every day.

Which three actions would you take to improve backup performance? (Choose three.)


3. For which three pieces of information can you use the RMAN list command? (Choose three.)


4. You notice performance degradation in your production Oracle 12c database. You want to know what caused this performance difference.

Which method or feature should you use?


5. Which three statements are true about a job chain? (Choose three.)


6. Because of logical corruption of data in a table, you want to recover the table from an RMAN backup to a specified point in time.

Examine the steps to recover this table from an RMAN backup:

  1. Determine which backup contains the table that needs to be recovered.
  2. Issue the recover table RMAN command with an auxiliary destination defined and the point in time specified.
  3. Import the Data Pump export dump file into the auxiliary instance.
  4. Create a Data Pump export dump file that contains the recovered table on a target database.

Identify the required steps in the correct order.


7. Examine the command:


In which two scenarios is this command required? (Choose two.)


8. Which two are prerequisites for setting up Flashback Data Archive? (Choose two.)


9. You want to export the pluggable database (PDB) HR_PDB1 from the multitenant container database (CDB) CDB1 and import it into the CDB2 CDB as the EMP_PDB1PDB.

Examine the list of possible steps required to perform the task:

  1. Create a PDB named EMP_PDB1.
  2. Export the HR_PDB1 PDB by using the FULL clause.
  3. Open the EMP_PDB1 PDB.
  4. Mount the EMP_PDB1 PDB.
  5. Synchronize the EMP_PDB1 PDB in restricted mode.
  6. Copy the dump file to the Data Pump directory.
  7. Create a Data Pump directory in the EMP_PDB1 PDB.
  8. Import data into EMP_PDB1 with the FULL and REMAP clauses.
  9. Create the same tablespaces in EMP_PDB1 as in HR_PDB1 for new local user objects.

Identify the required steps in the correct order.


10. You wish to create jobs to satisfy these requirements:

  1. Automatically bulk load data from a flat file.
  2. Rebuild indexes on the SALES table after completion of the bulk load.

How would you create these jobs?


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