1Z0-070 Practice Test Questions – Oracle Exadata X5 Administration

1Z0-070 Oracle Exadata X5 Administration Exam contains 90 questions related to Exadata X5 and X6. To earn this certification you need to get 60% marks. Passing this 1Z0-070 exam will qualify Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Exadata X5 Administrator certification. PassQuestion provides the latest 1Z0-070 Practice Test Questions for your best preparation and ensure you can pass your Oracle Exadata X5 Administration exam successfully.

1Z0-070 Practice Test Questions – Oracle Exadata X5 Administration

1. Batch and DSS workloads on your Exadata X6 Database Machine are causing performance problems for OLTP workloads at certain times of the day.

There are five RAC databases performing OLTP I/O. Two of them also perform batch I/O. There is another RAC database that performs only DSS I/O.

You are asked to resolve this problem so that the OLTP workload will not suffer when competing with the batch or DSS workloads.

You decide to use the I/O resource manager.

Which is the best way to solve this problem?


2. Identify three valid reasons for creating multiple griddisks on a single harddisk-based celldisk.


3. Which three statements are true concerning the configuration of SNMP on an Exadata x5 or x6 Database Machine?


4. You have partitioned an X5-2 full rack into two four-node RAC clusters called CLUSA and CLUSB.

No virtualization is used and the storage grid has not been partitioned.

Which two set of files on which servers must be modified after connecting an Exadata storage expansion rack to your X5-2 Exadata Database Machine on the InfiniBand network so that the storage servers in the expansion rack are added to the storage grid?


5. You plan to monitor the status of the motherboard, memory, power, fans, and network cards on the database nodes in your Exadata X6 Database Machine using Enterprise Manager.

Where must you set the thresholds for these hardware components and why, to assure that sensor readings, faults, and any related alerts, are visible in Enterprise Manager?


6. Examine this list of software components:

  1. Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM)
  2. Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent (OMA)
  3. ASM instance
  4. RDBMS instance
  5. Automatic Diagnostic Repository Command Interpreter (ADRCI)
  7. Cell Server (CELLSRV)
  8. diskmon

Identify the location where these software components can run in the standard Exadata Database Machine deployment.


7. Which two statements are true regarding the use of Auto Service Request (ASR) with an X6 Database Machine?


8. Which three statements are true regarding the configuration of Auto Service Request (ASR) on an X5 Database Machine?


9. Which three storage components are available after nonvirtualized standard deployment of an X5 Database Machine using high-capacity disks?


10. You plan to monitor the ASM configuration on an X5 Database Machine as part of your role supporting Exadata-based ASM diskgroups.

You want to check for potential space problems that take ASM mirroring requirements into account.

Which two values would you monitor from V$ASM_DISKGROUP or by using the ASMCMD LSDG command?


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