1Z0-072 Free Questions – Oracle Database 12cR2 Administration

1Z0-072 exam is a hot Oracle OCA Certification exam, its full name is Oracle Database 12cR2 Administration. If you want to pass your Oracle 1Z0-072 exam, you can download Passquestion 1Z0-072 Free Questions to study and participant in your Oracle 1Z0-072 exam, it is guaranteed that you can pass your 1Z0-072 Oracle Database 12cR2 Administration exam successfully.

1Z0-072 Free Questions – Oracle Database 12cR2 Administration

1. Which three failures require intervention for recovery? (Choose three.)


2. Which three are true about Oracle Managed Files (OMF)? (Choose three.)


3. Your client application and Oracle database are located on different hosts. Which statement is true about establishing a connection between them?


4. In the ORCL database, USER1 has unlimited quota on TBS1 and TBS2. The USER1.EMP table with primary key EMP_ENO_PK resides in TBS1. USER1.EMP_IDX residing in TBS2 is an index on U1.EMP.ENAME. TBS1 is exported from ORCL by using this command: [[email protected] ~]$ expdp system/oracle tablespace=tbs1 directory=exp_dir dumpfile=tbs1.dmp The TESTDB database has a TBS1 tablespace but no TBS2. The SYSTEM user in TESTDB executes this command: [[email protected] ~]$ impdp system/oracle directory=exp_dir dumpfile=u1.dmp tablespace=tbs1 What is the result and why?


5. In your database, you create a user, HR, and then execute this command: GRANT CREATE SESSION TO hr WITH ADMIN OPTION; Which three actions can HR perform? (Choose three.)


6. TBS1 is a permanent user-defined tablespace created with Oracle Managed Files (OMF). Examine this command: DROP TABLESPACE tbs1; Which is required to ensure that TBS1 is dropped and its datafiles are deleted from their file system?


7. Which three types of files are created by expdp operations? (Choose three.)


8. DATADIR1 and DATADIR2 are database directory objects. Examine this command: [[email protected] ~] expdp system/oracle \ > FULL=y \ > DUMPFILE=datadir1:full%U.dmp, datadir2: full2%U.dmp \ > FILESIZE=2G \ > PARALLEL=4 \ > LOGFILE= datadir1:/expfull.log > JOB_NAME= expfull Which two are true about the expdp operation? (Choose two.)


9. Which statement is true about smallfile tablespaces?


10. Which two are true about RETENTION GUARANTEE? (Choose two.)


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