1Z0-100 Free Questions – Oracle Linux 5 and 6 System Administration

Are you ready to pass the 1Z0-100 Oracle Linux 5 and 6 System Administration Certification Exam? Practice here to gauge your readiness level for the actual exam. These 1Z0-100 free questions collected from Passquestion will help you know if you are ready to take the exam, or identify if you need to spend more time on any of the exam topics. If you want to get the 1Z0-100 full version, you can visit Passquestion.com to download the full dumps.

1Z0-100 Free Questions – Oracle Linux 5 and 6 System Administration

1. Which two statements are true concerning the installation and configuration of the bootloader by the Anaconda installer, which is then used to boot Oracle Linux?


2. You want to display the value of a shell variable called service after assigning a value as shown:


Which two settings will display the name of the variable and its value?


3. Which statements is true concerning Oracle Linux configuration files for users and groups?


4. Which three settings can be controlled by using the chage breemar command as the root user, to modify the parameters in the /etc/shadow file?


5. Examine this extract from the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file:

password Authentication no

What is the effect of this parameter settings on the use of openSSH commands on both the client and server?


6. Which four statements are true about software on the Oracle Public YUM server?


7. What is the main advantage of the Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel compared with the Red Hat compatible kernel?


8. Which two software packages are prerequisites for enabling the configuration and use of a Network information Service (Nis) client?


9. Which two Statements are true concerning the configuration and use of cron and anacron?


10. Which statement is true concerning the /etc/sysconfig directory and its files and subdirectories?


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