1Z0-1000 Free Questions – Oracle Workforce Compensation Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

Oracle 1Z0-1000 is one of the best exams that can improve your both professional and academic career. Passquestion is the best source where you can get all the available Oracle 1Z0-1000 online exam material. You can easily get 1Z0-1000 Free Questions and can pass your 1Z0-1000 exam with comfort.This useful resource will help you to understand the topics and real exam pattern included in the Oracle Workforce Compensation Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials exam and where to focus your energy on.

1Z0-1000 Free Questions – Oracle Workforce Compensation Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

1. You client has a requirement that allows a salary adjustment based on the number of dependents the employee has, and this allowance must be mapped to a separate component. Because this allowance cannot have a logical mapping with any of the predefined components, you decide to create a new salary component called “Family Allowance”.

Which option would you use to achieve this? (Choose the best answer.)


2. A corporation implemented Fusion Compensation and must run a compensation cycle. The corporation has seven different active components in the salary basis. Salaries of all the employees must be updated in bulk mode.

Which statement is true about the bulk update using Integrated Workbook? (Choose the best answer.)



3. Which two statements are true about Base Pay? (Choose two.)


4. Which statement is true regarding elements? (Choose the best answer.)


5. A corporation has implemented Oracle Fusion Compensation for a manufacturing client. The Fusion consultant created a Bonus element with primary classification as Supplemental earning.

What is true about the subclassifications for the created element? (Choose the best answer.)


6. Your customer wants line managers to be able to access the active workforce compensation plan during the first three months of the Plan period, but not to update it. The evaluation period start and end dates for the plan are January 1 to December 31 of the year.

How should you set this up? (Choose the best answer.)


7. A corporation is implementing Oracle Fusion Workforce Compensation and needs to give a spot bonus for a new hire as well as give the same for special recognition for employees.

Identify the correct option that will enable the organization to achieve the desired results. (Choose the best answer.)


8. You have configured a compensation plan to include ratings from the performance management system. For one particular division, the performance ratings have not been finalized and are shown as blank on the compensation worksheet. The manager updates the performance rating while allocating compensation. What happens in this case? (Choose the best answer.)


9. The compensation administrator wants to run the batch process to administer the compensation cycle. Which are the four valid batch processes in terms of the compensation module? (Choose four.)


10. Contingent workers are ineligible as per the eligibility rules defined for your organization’s compensation plan. The compensation plan cycle is started. As is the standard practice, the compensation administrator schedules the “Refresh Workforce Compensation Data” nightly. A worker who was a contingent worker is now an employee of the organization and the next day shows up in Manager’s worksheet. How is this possible? (Choose the best answer.)


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