1Z0-1001 Free Questions – Oracle Order Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

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1Z0-1001 Free Questions – Oracle Order Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

1. A company manufactures and ships industrial water filters from its only factory unit in India.

Which four types of lead time can the company use to create promising rules in lead-time promising mode? (Choose four.)


2. A furniture retailer wants its online buyers to first choose their underlying need, which will then direct them to the related list of accessories and product parts of the configurable furniture product. The retailer intends to do this by presenting standard questions to the online buyers on their needs, and then presenting the related list of accessories and parts through dynamic user interfaces.

What step is required to enable this feature?


3. How does Order Management interact with multiple fulfillment systems to fulfill sales order lines?


4. Your company has a cost of change policy that charges a customer when the order is allocated, with no changes allowed after the goods are staged.

Which fulfillment status will trigger compensation and impose charges on the customer when the sales order quantity is changed?


5. Your customer uses an external order capture system and wants to perform certain actions without routing them through Order Management.

Which three services are available for the external system to call from Global Order Promising using public web services? (Choose three.)


6. You are creating a sales order and would like to see the sales order as a document.

From the actions drop down menu what should you select?


7. Your customer would like automatic e-mail notifications to be sent for specific business events.

On the Manage Business Event Trigger Points page, which business event trigger points can be used to enable e-mail notifications?


8. Your customer wants to include externally managed manufacturing supplies in Global Order Promising results.

What are the four steps that you perform to meet this requirement? (Choose four.)


9. Identify two valid use cases where a process assignment rule is defined to assign an orchestration process. (Choose two.)


10. Your customer required order revisions from an external system. The customer is concerned that all order lines will have to be sent again in the revised order even through the customer typically changes only one or two lines.

Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)


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