1Z0-1008 Free Questions – Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

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1Z0-1008 Free Questions – Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

1. Your client is involved in automation control systems installation. Over the years, they have analyzed their total project spend on specific resource classes. They have identified that their cost spread distribution factor on a 10 spread point scale resembles: 0-4-10-11-14-13-10-4-0-0.

Identify two ways to handle this kind of a spread on their budgets and forecasts. (Choose two.)


2. While opening an organization tree on the Manage Organization Trees page, you notice that the hierarchy status is displayed as Inactive.

Identify the two reasons for the organization tree to be in Inactive status. (Choose two.)


3. In your customer site, the capitalized interest calculation is implemented on their project types.

Which option represents the costs considered in the interest calculation? (Choose the best answer.)


4. As you go through the first-quarter close for your customer, you notice that the burden amounts calculated do not seem to be right. Based on the calculations, you notice that the amounts calculated are not considering the burden schedule override at a task level, which was done during the second month of the quarter.

Identify the reason for this problem. (Choose the best answer.)


5. Select two correct statements about project classifications on a template. (Choose two.)


6. Identify two correct role templates available on the Oracle Entitlement Server to generate roles for Project Organization Security. (Choose two.)


7. You want to create a few project roles so as to restrict access in the Project Financial Management work area to only the specific projects in which an employee is assigned as a team member.

What are the two default project roles available to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)


8. Identify the precedence order in which cost rates are determined for a planning resource when deriving raw costs for rate-based planning resources. (Choose the best answer.)


9. You create a contract with two contract lines: Line 1 and Line 2. You create separate bill plans: A for contract Line 1 and B contract for Line 2, with a different bill set number (11 for Bill Plan A and 22 for Bill Plan B).

Then Bill Plan A is allocated against Project X – Task 10, and Bill Plan B is allocated against Project Y – Task 30.

Based on the preceding setup, you are generating invoices. Identify two correct statements about invoice generation in this scenario. (Choose two.)


10. Your customer has different accounting and project accounting periods, and sometimes enters invoices with an invoice date in the open project accounting and closed accounting periods.

Which two statements are true about how project accounting and accounting dates will be populated in such invoices? (Choose two.)


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