1Z0-1010 Free Questions – Oracle Talent Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

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1Z0-1010 Free Questions – Oracle Talent Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

1. What is the maximum number of section types that you can configure in a performance template to meet the requirements of a semiannual evaluation of a company and what are the section types?


2. What are two reasons an employee cannot access a goal from the goal library while adding a goal?


3. Where do reviewers create and manage notes for their direct and indirect reports for a Talent Review Meeting?


4. Your organization may require an annual performance evaluation that includes any or all of the sections.

Which four section types are valid for performance document template sections?


5. While conducting a Talent Review Meeting for an organization, the Facilitator is unable to move the workers from one box to another box within the box chart.

What setting should be updated to enable the Facilitator to move employees in the 9-box or at what stage is it enabled?


6. You are implementing Oracle Performance Management Cloud with the requirements that during performance evaluation, a manager should be able to allocate rewards to direct reports and also be able to promote them.

How do you meet these requirements?


7. An HR specialist recently created a performance goal plan for his or her organization.

Two new hires have joined the organization after the existing goal plan was created and assigned.

– Employee 1 is required to have all the goals in the existing goal plan.

– Employee 2 needs goals A1 and A2 in addition to the goals in the existing goal plan.

– Goals A1 and A2 need to be added to the goal library.

Which statement addresses these requirements?


8. When a descriptive flexfield is deployed for a goal template, which will that flexfield will be visible for?


9. What can you use Questionnaires for before a Talent Review meeting?


10. Identify two correct statements for Goal Plan setup.


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