1Z0-1068 Free Questions Online – Oracle Commerce Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials

1Z0-1068 exam is Coming up in April : 2020 version of this Oracle Commerce Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials, now you can practice free 1Z0-1068 exam questions which are part of PassQuestion 1Z0-1068 full version, all questions are the same as the real test. You also can leave your comment if any questions.

The topics In The Oracle 1Z0-1068 Exam

Store Implementation Requirements and Design
Multiple Sites in a Single Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) Instance
Account-Based Commerce (B2B)
Storefront Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Custom Payment Integration

Practice Free 1Z0-1068 Exam Questions From PassQuestion 1Z0-1068 Real Questions

1. An account buyer receives an email notification that their order has been approved and they can pay for the order. Once they click the associated link, it brings them to the B2B Checkout Payment After Approval layout.

Which two are valid statements regarding the B2B Checkout Payment After Approval layout? (Choose two.)


2. Given the example widget configuration definition:

Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)


3. Given the example snippet of custom widget JavaScript:

What are two correct statements about this code? (Choose two.)


4. The design of a particular B2B storefront implementation has three supported locales.

When configuring the Profile Navigation – Account Shoppers settings, which statement describes how to configure the option name to handle the different languages?


5. A company is setting up multiple country-specific sites that have unique emails, separate payment gateways and shipping methods by country, and other site-specific settings. They share Oracle integrations (e.g. Oracle Retail Order Management System Cloud, Oracle Loyalty Cloud, Oracle Customer Experience Cloud). They plan to add sites in the Administration UI.

Based on their use case, when should they create the additional sites to minimize the changes they need to make?


6. Given this widget JavaScript snippet using the CCRestClient library:

What is the URL of the created request to Commerce Cloud?


7. Your customer has a B2B Storefront instance designed to have three English language sites: North America, European Union, and Asia.

What two components will the storefront developers need to configure to support one or more sites? (Choose two.)


8. A developer is customizing the payment methods widget to enable the shopper to store a credit card when checking out.

The widget needs to add three properties to the payments object of the JSON authorization request when creating the order:

– saveCard(Boolean)

– nickname(String)

– setAsDefault(Boolean)

Each of the properties needs to be bound to a particular view model for the properties to be added to the payments object.

Which is the correct view model?


9. The Profile Navigation – Account Shoppers widget instance settings specifies the storefront role of buyer for the Account Address Book.

Note that the storefront role for the /accountaddressbook URL is specified as buyer.

Which configuration step is needed to allow a delegated administrator the privilege to create, edit, and delete account addresses?


10. What are two reasons to use the CC-Storage library to save data objects in local storage? (Choose two.)


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