1Z0-1084-20 Practice Test Questions – Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer 2020 Associate

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1Z0-1084-20 Practice Test Questions – Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer 2020 Associate

1. Which statement accurately describes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Load Balancer integration with OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)? (Choose the best answer.)


2. Per CAP theorem, in which scenario do you NOT need to make any trade-off between the guarantees? (Choose the best answer.)


3. You have two microservices, A and B running in production. Service A relies on APIs from service B. You want to test changes to service A without deploying all of its dependencies, which includes service B.

Which approach should you take to test service A? (Choose the best answer.)


4. In a Linux environment, what is the default location of the configuration file that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI uses for profile information? (Choose the best answer.)


5. Which statement is incorrect with regards to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Notifications service? (Choose the best answer.)


6. With the volume of communication that can happen between different components in cloud-native applications, it is vital to not only test functionality, but also service resiliency.

Which statement is true with regards to service resiliency? (Choose the best answer.)


7. Which two are required to enable Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) cluster access from the kubectl CLI? (Choose two.)


8. You have a containerized app that requires an Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) Database.

Which option is not valid for connecting to ATP from a container in Kubernetes? (Choose the best answer.)


9. In order to effectively test your cloud-native applications, you might utilize separate environments (development, testing, staging, production, etc.)

Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service can you use to create and manage your infrastructure? (Choose the best answer.)


10. You are tasked with developing an application that requires the use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) APIs to POST messages to a stream in the OCI Streaming service.

Which statement is incorrect? (Choose the best answer.)


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