1Z0-1085-20 Practice Test Questions – Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Associate

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1Z0-1085-20 Practice Test Questions – Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Associate

1. A customer wants to deploy a customized e-commerce web application using multiple virtual machines, block storage, databases, load balancer and a web application firewall.

What cloud model can be used to host this application?


2. A new customer has logged into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as an administrator for the first time. The admin would like to deploy infrastructure into a region other than their home region.

What is the first step they must take in order to accomplish this task?


3. Which is NOT required to register and log support requests in My Oracle Support (MOS)?


4. You are setting up a proof of concept (POC) and need to quickly establish a secure connection between an on-premises data center and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Which OCI service should you implement?


5. A company has developed an eCommerce web application in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

What should they do to ensure that the application has the highest level of resilience?


6. A customer wants to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for storing application backups which can be stored for months, but retrieved immediately based on business needs.

Which OCI storage service can be used to meet this requirement?


7. According to shared security model, which two are a customer’s responsibilities in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? (Choose two.)


8. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service allows you to run code without provisioning any underlying infrastructure resources (such as virtual machines)?


9. A customer wants a dedicated connection with minimal network latency from their on-premises data center to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Which service should they choose?


10. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) database solution will be most economical for a customer looking to have the elasticity of the cloud with minimal administration and maintenance effort for their DBA tear?


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