1Z0-148 Free Questions – Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Pl/SQL

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1Z0-148 Free Questions – Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Pl/SQL

1. The STUDENTS table exists in your schema.

Examine the DECLARE section of a PL/SQL block:

Which two blocks are valid?


2. Which statement is true about the DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE package?


3. Which two statements are true regarding edition-based redefinition (EBR)?


4. Which one block of code execute successfully?


5. Which statement is correct about DBMS_LOB.SETOPTIONS and DBMS_LOB.GETOPTIONS for SecureFiles?


6. You are designing and developing a complex database application built using many dynamic SQL statements. Which option could expose your code to SQL injection attacks?


7. Examine this function header:

FUNCTION calc_new_sal (emp_id NUMBER) RETURN NUMBER;

You want to ensure that whenever this PL/SQL function is invoked with the same parameter value across active sessions, the result is not recomputed.

If a DML statement is modifying a table which this function depends upon, the function result must be recomputed at that point in time for all sessions calling this function.

Which two actions should you perform?


8. Examine this block:

Which two will be correct after line 5?


9. Examine the following SQL statement:


What is the result of executing this statements?


10. Which two statements describe actions developers can take to make their application less vulnerable to security attacks?


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