1Z0-816 Practice Test Questions – Java SE 11 Programmer II

1Z0-816 Java SE 11 Programmer II exam is the second exam to become an Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer.  PassQuestion Oracle 1Z0-816 Practice Test Questions can effectively help you have a good preparation for Oracle certification 1Z0-816 exam. You can rest assured that using our 1Z0-816 Practice Test Questions. With it, you have done fully prepared to meet this exam.

1Z0-816 Practice Test Questions – Java SE 11 Programmer II

1. Given the code fragment:

Path currentFile = Paths.get(“/scratch/exam/temp.txt”);

Path outputFile = Paths get(“/scratch/exam/new.txt”);

Path directory = Paths.get(“/scratch/”);

Files.copy(currentFile, outputFile);

Files.copy(outputFile, directory);

Files.delete (outputFile);

The /scratch/exam/temp.txt file exists. The /scratch/exam/new.txt and /scratch/new.txt files do not exist.

What is the result?


2. Which two are functional interfaces? (Choose two.)







3. Given the declaration:

Examine this code fragment:

/* Loc1 */ class ProcessOrders { … }

Which two annotations may be applied at Loc1 in the code fragment? (Choose two.)


4. Given:

Which two interfaces can be used in lambda expressions? (Choose two.)


5. Given this enum declaration:

Examine this code:


What code should be written at line 3 to make this code print A?


6. Given these two classes:


And given this fragment:

Which describes the fragment?


7. Given:

Which one is correct?


8. Which code fragment does a service use to load the service provider with a Printinterface?


9. Examine these module declarations:

Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)


10. Given: What is the output?


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