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Test Begin:

1. Of what type of role is Incentive Compensation Analyst an example?


2. Which format must the date column value have In File Based Data Import?


3. In which section of the Home screen do users receive notifications generated by the Approvals functionality?


4. The status of the ESS (Enterprise Scheduler Service) request is ‘Succeeded.’ But the transaction is not credited, and the status of the transaction is not ‘Credited.’

Which statement is the most complete and gives a correct list of settings and actions that are needed for a transaction to generate valid credits?


5. A performance measure is to be set up to determine the commission rate using total sales attainment percentage for a quarter, which is measured as total sales by participant for the quarter divided by target for the quarter.

How would you set up this performance measure?


6. Your stand alone SaaS implementation project starts in two weeks. With which four roles must you staff your consulting team?


7. A classification rules hierarchy is set up as:

The performance measure ‘Storage attainment’ is associated with category STORAGE, while the performance measure Hard Drive attainment is associated with the credit category HARD DRIVE.

If the transaction is:

What will the application do when the Classification and Calculation processes are run?


8. A client wants to reward the Sales Operation team members with one reward point for every dollar of revenue for the last quarter of a fiscal year identify the three steps that the incentive compensation application administrator must take to set up this requirement before associating the reward with a plan component. In this case, the fiscal year corresponds to the calendar year.


9. You help the Oracle Incentive Compensation administrator select the coned currency options for a business unit where all the transactions are performed in USD. Although some of the workforce is based in the UK and Canada, the company pays the workforce in USD.

How do you set up currencies?


10. Your client is tuning four performance measures with the same output expression ‘SUM (Credit.Credit Amount)’ and no scorecard. The following transactions were processed through the performance measure.

On examining closely, you found that though performance measure has the same output expression, the output (refer below) for the performance measure is not equal.

Which performance measure attribute is responsible for this variation?


11. Calculate

Which are the correct values of the corresponding BU parameters?


12. You have to write a custom function that accesses the performance measure output.

You must pass the following parameters to uniquely identify data and do custom calculations.




Period id

In which table should you configure the required columns?


13. Which two statements are true about disputes?


14. A payment plan is to be configured to pay a minimum (draw) flat amount of 8,000 per period, which is nonrecoverable. Payment adjustments must be applied only to commission type earnings, and bonus earnings should not be adjusted by the payment plan.

How should you configure the payment plan?


15. In a rollup hierarchy, three salespeople report to a manager and the manager reports to a director. The manager is also entitled to receive direct credit from one of the direct credit rules.

How should the rollup (Indirect) credit be allocated to the manager and the director in this scenario?


16. A company pays commission based on the source of the transaction and the margin on the transaction.

If the source is ‘ABC’ and margin is between 0 and 10 percent, the rate should be 1.5 percent.

If the source is ‘ABC’ and margin is 10 percent and above, the rate should be 3 percent.

If the source is ‘XYZ’ and margin is between 0 and 10 percent, the rata should be 2 percent.

If the source is ‘XYZ’ and margin is 10 percent and above, the rate should be 4 percent.

Which two procedures can you use to set this up?


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