2020 Updated CompTIA PenTest+ Certification PT0-001 Dumps Questions

To help you best prepare for your PT0-001 CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Exam, PassQuestion new updated CompTIA PenTest+ Certification PT0-001 Dumps Questions to help you practice the real questions with correct answers, it can ensure you pass your CompTIA PenTest+ PT0-001 exam successfully in your first time.

2020 Updated CompTIA PenTest+ Certification PT0-001 Dumps Questions

1. A constant wants to scan all the TCP Pots on an identified device.

Which of the following Nmap switches will complete this task?


2. A security consultant is trying to attack a device with a previously identified user account.

Which of the following types of attacks is being executed?


3. The following command is run on a Linux file system:

Chmod 4111 /usr/bin/sudo

Which of the following issues may be exploited now?


4. A client is asking a penetration tester to evaluate a new web application for availability.

Which of the following types of attacks should the tester use?


5. During a penetration test, a tester runs a phishing campaign and receives a shell from an internal PC running Windows 10 OS. The tester wants to perform credential harvesting with Mimikatz.

Which of the following registry changes would allow for credential caching in memory?


6. In which of the following components is an exploited vulnerability MOST likely to affect multiple running application containers at once?


7. Which of the following would be BEST for performing passive reconnaissance on a target’s external domain?


8. If a security consultant comes across a password hash that resembles the following

b117 525b3454 7Oc29ca3dBaeOb556ba8

Which of the following formats is the correct hash type?


9. A penetration tester was able to retrieve the initial VPN user domain credentials by phishing a member of the IT department. Afterward, the penetration tester obtained hashes over the VPN and easily cracked them using a dictionary attack.

Which of the following remediation steps should be recommended? (Select THREE)


10. A software development team recently migrated to new application software on the on-premises environment Penetration test findings show that multiple vulnerabilities exist If a penetration tester does not have access to a live or test environment, a test might be better to create the same environment on the VM Which of the following is MOST important for confirmation?


11. A security analyst has uncovered a suspicious request in the logs for a web application. Given the following URL:

http: www.company-site.com/about.php?i=_V_V_V_V_VetcVpasswd

Which of the following attack types is MOST likely to be the vulnerability?


12. An assessor begins an internal security test of the Windows domain internal.comptia.net. The assessor is given network access via DHCP, but is not given any network maps or target IP addresses.

Which of the following commands can the assessor use to find any likely Windows domain controllers?


13. While prioritizing findings and recommendations for an executive summary, which of the following considerations would De MOST valuable to the client?


14. After several attempts, an attacker was able to gain unauthorized access through a biometric sensor using the attacker’s actual fingerprint without exploitation.

Which of the following is the MOST likely explanation of what happened?


15. A penetration tester successfully exploits a DM2 server that appears to be listening on an outbound port. The penetration tester wishes to forward that traffic back to a device.

Which of the following are the BEST tools to use few this purpose? (Select TWO)


16. The results of a basic compliance scan show a subset of assets on a network. This data differs from what is shown on the network architecture diagram, which was supplied at the beginning of the test.

Which of the following are the MOST likely causes for this difference? (Select TWO)


17. A penetration tester has successfully exploited an application vulnerability and wants to remove the command history from the Linux session.

Which of the following will accomplish this successfully?


18. When performing compliance-based assessments, which of the following is the MOST important Key consideration?


19. Which of the following BEST explains why it is important to maintain confidentiality of any identified findings when performing a penetration test?


20. A penetration tester is designing a phishing campaign and wants to build list of users (or the target organization.

Which of the following techniques would be the MOST appropriate? (Select TWO)


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