2020 Updated H13-711-ENU HCIA-Big Data Training Material

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2020 Updated H13-711-ENU HCIA-Big Data Training Material

1. Which of the following options cannot be achieved by big data technology?


2. What are the main functions of Fusioninsight Manager? (Multiple Choice)


3. Assuming that the minimum resource guarantee for each user is set to yarn, scheduler, capacity, root, QueueAminimum-user-limit-percent = 24, which of the following statement is wrong?


4. Which of the following are the components of the platform architecture in the Huawei solution? (Multiple Choice)


5. What is Spark’s own resource management framework?


6. Regarding RDD, which of the following statement is error?


7. Regarding the difference and connection with Spark SQL & Hive, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple Choice)


8. In the Fusioninsight cluster, which of the following components does Spark mainly interact with? (Multiple Choice)


9. About the architecture description of Hive in Fusioninsight HD, which of the following is error?


10. Normally, a table stored in a text file by Hive uses carriage return as its line separator. In Huawei Fusioninsight Hive, you can specify the input and output formats of table data.


11. Which of the following descriptions about the function of HMaster in Hbase are correct? (Multiple Choice)


12. What functions of Nimbus in Streaming architecture are included? (Multiple Choice)


13. Topology will automatically stop running after the task is completed.


14. Which of the following description about the flink window is wrong? (Multiple Choice)


15. In the Fusioninsiehtaanarer interface, which of the following options to Loader does not include?


16. In creating a Loader job, in which of the following steps can you set the filter type?


17. Which of the following data sources can realize data exchange with FusionInght HD through Loader? (Multiple Choice)


18. There are two ways to clean Kafka logs: delete and compact. The default value is delete.


19. Which of the following functions can the kafka-cluster mirroring tool achieve?


20. In fusioninsight HD products, a typical kafka cluster contains several producers, several consumers, and a zookeeper cluster.


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