2021 Free HCIA-Security V3.0 H12-711_V3.0 Questions and Answers

Now it is the time to study for the HCIA-Security V3.0 certification exam. We have released HCIA-Security V3.0 H12-711_V3.0 Questions and Answers which include 20 new practice test questions and answers that will ensure you prepare the HCIA-Security V3.0 exam easily.

All of the new HCIA-Security V3.0 H12-711_V3.0 practice exam Q&As can assist you in determining your proficiency. You can easily learn everything to ensure that you pass the H12-711_V3.0 HCIA-Security V3.0 test.

1. When connecting to Wi-Fi in public places, which of the following is relatively safer?


2. Which of the following is the action to be taken in the summary phase of cybersecurity emergency response? (Multiple choice)


3. Regarding port mirroring, which of the following descriptions are correct? (Multiple choice)


4. Which of the following options is the protocol number of GRE?


5. Which of the following descriptions of the VGMP protocol is wrong?


6. IPSec VPN uses an asymmetric encryption algorithm to encrypt the transmitted data.


7. Regarding GRE encapsulation and decapsulation, which of the following descriptions is wrong?


8. The repair of antivirus software only needs to repair some system files that were accidentally deleted when checking and killing viruses to prevent system crashes.


9. Which of the following does not belong to the classification of cybersecurity incidents?


10. Regarding single sign on, which of the following statements are correct? (Multiple choice)


11. Regarding the relationship and role of VRRP/VGMP/HRP, which of the following statements are correct? (Multiple choice)


12. The administrator PC is directly connected to the management port of the USG firewall and uses the web method to perform initialization operations. Which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple choice)


13. In the Huawei SDSec solution, which layer of equipment does the firewall belong to?


14. When deploying dual-system hot backup on the firewall, in order to switch the overall state of the VRRP backup group, which of the following protocols is required?


15. Regarding the description of firewall dual-system hot backup, which of the following options are correct? (Multiple choice)


16. Which of the following is the encryption technology used in the digital envelope?


17. The attacker responds to the request by sending ICMP and sets the destination address of the request packet to the broadcast address of the victim network.

What kind of attack does this behavior belong to?


18. Clients in the Trust zone of the firewall can log in to the FTP server in the Untrust zone, but cannot download files. Which of the following methods can solve the problem? (Multiple choice)


19. Which of the following is not part of the digital certificate?


20. Which of the following is not a key technology of anti-virus software?


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