2021 Nokia OSPF Routing Protocol 4A0-113 Practice Exam Questions Online

Online Nokia OSPF Routing Protocol 4A0-113 Practice Exam Questions verified by PassQuestion experts. This free questions consists of 20 4A0-113 practice questions and answers to help you know more about Nokia OSPF Routing Protocol exam patterns and topics! Try it at once to test your prep!

1. Router R2 advertises the network to router R1 via OSPF. A route policy has been constructed to discard the route on router R1; however, it is not working. What is the problem?


2. What is the default preference value for a static route in theNokia7750 SR router?


3. Which of the following OSPFv3 LSAs have an AS scope?


4. In an IP datagram, which field identifies the receiving application?


5. Which of the following commands can be used to display the number of SPF computations that have been performed on a router?


6. Which of the following statements regarding OSPF routing updates on a point-to-point link is true?


7. In an OSPF Hello packet what fields must match all neighbor routers on the segment? (Choose 3)


8. What command will show the OSPF neighbors, and their status on theNokia7750 SR?


9. Which of the following types of networks are supported on anNokia7750 SR for OSPF? Choose two answers.


10. Identify two attributes of Distance Vector Protocols: (Choose two)


11. What is the default inbound metric for RIP on theNokia7750 SR?


12. What causes an adjacency to change from down to two ways?


13. What is the default priority value used for electing the DR on anNokia7750 SR running OSPF on an Ethernet?


14. Click the exhibit button.

What can you deduce from the show command on router R6?


15. What are the ways the RID can be created on anNokia7750 SR router? (Choose three)


16. Which of the following statements apply to link state protocol behavior? Choose three answers.



The route table on router R2 shows the system address of router R5 but it does not show any of the interfaces from the non-OSPF area.

What may be causing this?


18. Which of the following statements describe the major features of OSPF? Choose two answers.


19. In an IP datagram, which of the following fields identifies the receiving application?


20. What type of OSPF router generates a type 2 LSA?


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