2021 ServiceNow CIS-Discovery Practice Exam Demo

If you want to pass the Certified Implementation Specialist-Discovery exam on the 1st try, PassQuestion 100% real ServiceNow CIS-Discovery Practice Exam Demo are the best study materials for your preparation. PassQuestion ServiceNow CIS-Discovery Practice Exam cover real exam questions and answers to help you pass your exam successfully..

Here, this post contains 10 CIS-Discovery questions with verified answers. Try this CIS-Discovery mock test below to test yourself!

1. After navigating to an Automaton Error Messages list from Discovery > Home, how are the options on the right navigation pane categorized? (Choose two.)


2. Based on the following image, which of the following choices is also true about London Linux Servers?


3. In order to use Debug from the Pattern Designer, you must have what?


4. Which choice will populate the Location field for a discovered CI?


5. Which metrics comprise the Completeness KPI for CMDB Health? (Choose two.)


6. A discovery runs against a Windows Server returning the following attribute values for the first time:

name = WindowsSN1 serial_number = 12321

A subsequent discovery is ran against a different Windows Server returning the following attribute values: name = WindowsSN2

serial_number = 12321

With only base system CI Identifiers configured, which of the following is true?


7. From an SNMP Query pattern operation, which of the choices are valid Variable Types? (Choose two.)


8. Which choices are necessary to launch any pattern? (Choose two.)


9. What are the two main options within a Parse File operation?


10. Which of the following choices explain differences between Service Mapping and Discovery? (Choose two.)


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