2021 Treasury with SAP S/4HANA C_S4FTR_2020 Dumps – Free Demo

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1. At which levels are authorizations assigned in the BP standing instructions? (3 Correct Answer)


2. Which money market activity categories can you configure to generate correspondence? (3 Correct Answer)


3. Where you can specify whether auto matching needs to be performed for a given risk type?


4. What is created with the hedging relationship on the end date of the exposure subitem?


5. Manager can be evaluated and monitored using the functions in Risk Management?


6. Which of the model is largely an optimization in which the system finds values for the Hull-White volatility parameters sigma and reversion rate a, in which the option prices, calculated using the Hull-White model or BlackScholes model, match as far as possible?


7. Which of the items are necessary for the Hedge Accounting process.

During the automated designation process the hedged exposure item is identified automatically and the corresponding exposure subitems are created and assigned to the hedged items?


8. The internal accounting interface posts FinancialAccounting (Fl)/Management Accounting (CO) documents to _________________as a universal journal entry.


9. What are the phases of a hedging relationship? (3 Correct Answers)


10. Which of the setting available is hedge strategy 500 with calculation type 201 Interest Rate Instrument: Benchmark without Accrued Interest?


11. You are setting up a model for Liquidity Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Which steps are required to establish the model? (3 Correct Answer)


12. Which object do you use to create a portfolio hierarchy?


13. What is determined on the basis of past data for the price parameter?


14. Which type of transactions are mapped formost of the product categories before the key date?


15. Which financial account type requires rate type ‘Average’ when using currency conversion in planning model? (2 Correct Answer)


16. You are implementing the Memo Record function.

Which memo record characteristics are controlled by the planning type? (3 Correct Answers)


17. You implement Market Risk Analyzer.


18. You implement Market Risk Analyzer and work on the financial object integration.

Which setting do you choose to ensure a Transaction Manager contract is saved with the mandatory Market Risk Analyzer data?


19. You need to separate security positions by valuation area, special valuation class, and securities account.

Which customizing activity do you perform?


20. You have enabled two business transaction events (BTE) in configuration to enable signatory control.

What impact does this have on the payment approval process?


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