2021 Update CCNP Collaboration 300-815 CLACCM Exam Questions (78 Q&As)

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1. Refer to the exhibit.

The Cisco Unified Border Element receives an INVITE matching inbound dial peer 5002. The outbound dial peer supports only iLBC. and a Local Transcoding Interface is allocated.

Based on the configur ation and SDP from the INVITE message, which codec is chosen by Cisco Unified Border Element for the inbound call leg?


2. Which configuration must an administrator perform to display Translation Pattern operations in Cisco Unified Communications Manager SDL traces?


3. Which section under the Real-Time Monitoring Tool allows for reviewing the call flow and signaling for a SIP call in real time?


4. Why would RTP traffic that is sent from the originating endpoint fail to be received on the far endpoint?


5. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator is troubleshooting a problem in which some outbound calls from an internal network to the Internet telephony service provider are not getting connected, but some others connect successfully.

The firewall team found that some call attempts on port 5060 came from an unrecognized IP that has not been defined in the firewall rule.
What should the administrator configure in the Cisco Unified Border Element to fix this issue?


6. An engineer is configuring a call park feature in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

Which command does the engineer use to ensure that the call is reverted to the user after 60 seconds?


7. Refer to the exhibit.

DN 1003 was the last to ring during the most recent call.

Which hunting method ensures that DN 1005 is presented with the next call when the hunt pilot is dialed?


8. After configuring a Cisco CallManager Express with Cisco Unity Express, inbound calls from the PSTN SIP trunk receive a ring tone for 20 seconds and then a busy signal instead of voicemail.

Which configuration fixes this problem?


9. Cisco SIP IP telephony is implemented on two floors of your company. Afterward, users report intermittent voice issues in calls established between floors. All calls are established, and sometimes they work well, but sometimes there is one-way audio or no audio. You determine that there is a firewall between the floors, and the administrator reports that it is allowing SIP signaling and UDP ports from 20000 to 22000 bidirectionally.

What are two possible solutions? (Choose two.)


10. The administrator of ABC company is troubleshooting a one-way audio issue for a call that uses H.323 protocol (slow-start mode). The administrator requests that you provide the IP and port information of the Real-Time Transport Protocol traffic that had the one-way audio call.

You gather the H.225 and H.245 messages for one of the one-way audio calls.

Where can you find the RTP IP and port information for both sides? (Note: This call flow has not invoked any media resources like MTP or transcoders).


11. A company has an SRST gateway running an IOS XE image. The company plans to enable the IPv6 addressing companywide.

To enable the IPv6 in a unified SRST gateway to support SIP phones, what are two supported supplementary features for an IPv6 fallback scenario? (Choose two.)


12. An administrator is implementing a new dial-plan on Cisco Unified Border Element. The administrator must ensure that incoming dial-peers are matched based on the IP address from where the incoming request originates.

Which dial-peer configuration should be applied to accomplish this requirement?


13. Which IOS command creates a SIP-enabled dial peer?


14. A customer is using a SIP trunk to route calls to ITSP to decrease the possibility of downtime, the customer invested in a failover device.

How does the customer ensure reachability to ITSP, so that if one device on ITSP fails, the calls will be routed to another device?


15. Where is the dtmf-relay command configured on Cisco Unified Border Element?


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