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1. Topic 1, Scenario 1 "Medical Domain"

You are working as a test manager in the medical domain leading a team of system testers. You are currently working on a major release of the product which gives customers many new features and resolves a number of problem reports from previous releases.

You have been given responsibility for the non-functional testing of a safety-critical monitoring & diagnostics package in the medical area.

Which of the following would you least expect to see addressed in the test plan? 1 credit


2. Since the system is in the medical domain and therefore in the safety critical area, testing needs to be rigorous and evidence is required that the system has been adequately tested. Identify THREE measures that would typically be part of the test approach in this domain and which are not always applicable in other domains! 1 credit


3. You are about to release a test progress report to a senior manager, who is not a test specialist.

Which of the following topics should NOT be included in the test progress report? 1 credit


4. Considerable attention will be given in this project to defining exit criteria and on reporting back on their status.

Which combination of TWO exit criteria from the list would be best to use? 1 credit

I. Total number of defects found

II. Percentage of test cases executed

III. Total test effort planned versus total actual test effort spent IV.

Defect trend (number of defects found per test run over time


5. Explain how the above mentioned report may differ from a report that you produce for the project manager, who is a test specialist Select TWO items from the following options that can be used to report to the project manager and would not be included in a report to senior management. 1 credit


6. A test log is one of the documents that need to be produced in this domain in order to provide evidence of testing. However, the level of detail of test logs can vary.

Which of the following is NOT an influencing factor for the level of detail of the test logs being produced? 1 credit


7. Consider the typical objectives of testing.

Which of the following metrics can be used to measure the effectiveness of the testing process in achieving one of those objectives? 1 credit


8. Topic 2, Scenario 2 "Reviews"

A software development organization wants to introduce some specific improvements to its test process. Currently, most of their testing resources are focussedon system testing.

They are developing embedded software, and do not have a simulation environment to enable them to execute software modules on the development host. They have been advised that introducing inspections and reviews could be the most appropriate step forward.

Which of the following is an example of testing as part of the requirements specification phase? 1 credit


9. Identify the THREE types of formal peer reviews that can be recognized. 1 credit


10. The introduction of reviews and inspections has often failed as a process improvement action.

Identify the THREE most important measures that should be taken to reduce the risk that this test process improvement will fail. 2 Credits (for 2 out of 3 correct 1 credit)


11. What is the main reason why reviews are especially beneficial in the above-mentioned scenario? 2 credits


12. As part of the improvement program, the organization is also looking at tool support.

Which type of tool could be used to ensure higher quality of the code to be reviewed? 1 credit


13. IEEE 1028 also defines “management review” as a type of review.

What is the main purpose of a management review? 1 credit


14. Topic 3, Scenario 3 "Tool Selection and Implementation"

Your company is considering whether or not to purchase a test tool suite from a respectable vendor. Your manager has searched the internet for comparable products but none of them meets his specific requirements. A tool demonstration has been arranged for next week and your team has been invited to attend. The tool suite consists of a test management tool, test execution tool and a requirements management tool. There is the possibility of adding a performance testing tool at a later stage. You have decided to attend the demo but raise some issues beforehand regarding expectations.

Select THREE issues from the options provided that should at least be raised. 1 credit


15. Which of the following would you least expect to form part of the analysis of initial tool costs? 1 credit


16. Topic 4, Scenario 4, V2 "Test Management Tool"

The project situation after 11 months is:

– The first increment was released one week late but contained sufficient functionality to be declared fit for purpose’. However, there were 20 outstanding incidents deferred to increment two.

– The amount of voluntary overtime worked PV the test team has reduced the second Increment slippage to just 3 weeks.

– There is talk of reducing the scope of requirements. The purpose of this is to first deliver the application with support for manual testing and then to provide a delivery * weeks later to resolve any remaining points and provide support for automated testing (i.e. the link to the capture-replay tool).

– Concerns have been expressed by a section of the user community, that in some places the usability is very poor.

Which of the following would be the most significant input to estimating the time to carry out the specified testing tasks? 3 credits


17. Which of the following would you expect to see in the master test plan? 1 credit


18. Which of the following are valid reasons for adopting a different life cycle (from the V model), for increments after the first year? 2 credits

i) We do not have a clear understanding of the requirements from a customer perspective.

ii. We see the risk of delivering requested functionality late as being higher than the risk of delivering a lower quality product.

iii. We do not have a budget for additional regression testing which is needed to ensure that existing functionality is not compromised by future iterations.

iv. The company test strategy does not fit well within the V life cycle model.


19. Which of the following would be the TWO most appropriate examples of entry criteria documented in the system integration test plan? 2 credits


20. Risks should be constantly reviewed. Given the current situation, which one of the following factors is most likely to lead to a revised view of product risk? 3 credits


21. Which of the following is a characteristic of good testing in any life cycle model? 1 credit


22. Which test management control option is most appropriate to adopt under these circumstances? 2 credits


23. Which of the following is a project risk mitigation step you might take as test manager? 1 credit


24. Which of the following is least likely to be used as a technique to identify project and product risks? 1 credit


25. Topic 5, Scenario 5, V2 "Human Resource System"

For the first increment of the new enterprise HR product you have performed a product risk analysis using the FMEA method. Five risk items have been identified and the likelihood and impact have been scored using scoring tables.

This has resulted in the following scores:

Part of the testing strategy indicates that you are going to be using systematic test design techniques. Your manager has asked that you present the main advantages of using these techniques at the next board meeting.

Identify THREE main benefits of using systematic test design techniques within this company. 2 credits (for 2 out of 3 correct 1 credit)


26. What would be a test approach regarding the test design techniques to be applied that would fit an item with the highest risk? 2 credits


27. You have been asked to write a testing strategy for the company.

Which statement best explains how risk can be addressed within the testing strategy? 1 credit


28. What is the Risk Priority Number for risk item number 2? 2 credits


29. In addition to risk, identify TWO other components of a testing strategy. 1 credit


30. Topic 6, Scenario 6, V4 "Independent Test Team"

You have for a while been trying to hire a second test automation specialist for your test team However, you did not have any luck in finding a suitable candidate. So now, you have been asked by IT management of XYZ to forward a proposal with alternative solutions for building an automated regression test suite at system test level over a period of 2 years including needed training and eventual handover to the test team.

In addition to introducing the new team member, you have decided to raise motivation.

Which of the measures listed below would be the best measure to take in order to increase the motivation of the team? 2 credits


31. A number of options have been suggested for the level of independence to be employed for the testing on the next project, and are shown below.

i) External test specialists perform non-functional testing.

ii. Testing is outsourced.

iii. Testing is carried out by the developer.

iv. A separate test team carries out the testing.

v) Testing is performed by the business.

vi. Testing is performed by a different developer.

Which of the following orders the above in a correct order of independence? 1 credit


32. Based on the information given in the scenario, identify how the team could be improved most effectively? 2 credits


33. Evaluate the status of the project against the defined exit criteria.

Which of the following options shows the correct status? 2 credits


34. Instead of having an independent test team within the company, the company is considering to outsource testing.

What are THREE key challenges that are typical for outsourcing? 1 credit


35. You have investigated different possibilities and selected four of them to present to IT management.

Which of the proposals will you most likely give your highest recommendations? 3 credits


36. Which of the following is a valid drawback of independent testing? 1 credit


37. Which of the following is a benefit of independent testing? 1 credit


38. Which of the following team roles would be most appropriate to enhance the team and why? 2 credits


39. You are considering involving users during test execution. In general, what is the main reason for involving users during test execution? 1 credit


40. Topic 7, Scenario 7 "Test Estimation"

You have been contracted to manage the acceptance testing of a new computer-based reservation system for a travel agency. You have provided an approximate budget estimate for the testing project based on previous experience with similar sized projects. However, the management of the parent company of the travel agency will not commit to the budget until detailed cost estimates are provided.

The reservation system is being developed by a third party However, detailed specifications of the software are available, as well as an estimate of the total effort that will be spent in developing the software. The software is to be delivered in four increments, and the functionality to be delivered in each increment has already been agreed on.

In general which part of the testing activity is most difficult to estimate? 1 credit


41. Identify THREE items that would be part of the work-breakdown structure showing the key testing activities for the acceptance test project. 2 credits (for 2 out of 3 correct 1 credit)


42. In general, why is it NOT a good idea to estimate the testing effort based only on a percentage of development effort? Identify THREE valid reasons. 1 credit


43. Which aspect in the test estimate is the main risk in this project? 1 credit


44. Topic 8, Scenario 8, V2 "Test Proems Improvement’

You have raised the issue that improving the testing process is also dependent on the status of the software development process.

Model characteristics:

Which THREE of the below mentioned characteristics relate to TMMi? 1 credit


45. Comparing TMMi and TPI, which is not a valid reason for choosing either TPI or TMMi? 2 credits


46. The test improvement project will take place in an organization developing a safety-critical avionics application.

Which one of the following standards do you believe would be most appropriate to take into account for compliance during your assignment? 1 credit


47. Which of the following phases in the fundamental test process is considered to deliver a document which can be used as a major input for test process improvement? 1 credit


48. A test assessment has been carried out using the selected model as a reference framework. A number of recommendations have been identified and you are asked to prioritize them. Based on your knowledge of the project, you are expecting severe resistance to change.

Which of the following would be the most important selection criterion for defining the priority of the recommendations? 2 credits


49. During test process improvement it is recommended to use standards where possible. Standards originate from various sources and they cover different subjects in relation to testing Pick TWO sources of software standards, useful to software testing from the ones mentioned below. 1 credit


50. Topic 9, Scenario 9 "Test Management Documentation"

A software house is concerned about the number of defects found in software released to its customers. They are starting to plan a new software product. In the past, releases have often been stopped due to poor planning and too many defects found during high level testing. You have been recruited to the newly created position of test manager and asked to develop a test strategy, manage the testing of the project and organize the resources needed to carry out the testing.

Within the projects, a master test plan and phase test plan will be used. Following is a list of characteristics applicable for test plans:

a) Any deviation from the procedures described in the test

b) strategy document

c) The overall estimated costs, timescales and resource

d) requirements

e) A detailed schedule of testing activities

f) The development deliverables to be tested

g) Which test staff members (names) will be involved and when

h) Level of requirements coverage achieved

Which TWO of the above mentioned characteristics relate to the phase test plan? 1 credit


51. Which THREE activities would be valid steps during the development of the test strategy?2 credits (2 out of 3 correct 1 credit)


52. Within the projects, a master test plan and phase test plan will be used.

Following is a list of characteristics applicable for test plans:

a) Any deviation from the procedures described in the test strategy document

b) The overall estimated costs, timescales and resource requirements

c) A detailed schedule of testing activities

d) The development deliverables to be tested

e) Which test staff members (names) will be involved and when

f) Level of requirements coverage achieved

Which THREE of the above mentioned characteristics relate to the master test plan? 1 credit


53. As part of the test strategy, entry and exit criteria will be defined for each test level.

Which is NOT a valid reason for using entry and exit criteria? 1 credit


54. Topic 10, Scenario 10, V3 "Online Application"

The cancellation of a current major development project has released resources. The development manager has decided to respond to his own request to tender and has proposed an in-house development with the use of a Rapid Application Development (RAO) approach.

The development manager is managing the review of the responses received from bidders, and has asked the in-house test manager to provide a review checklist for the test management aspects of the responses.

Which of the following checkpoints would be appropriate? 2 credits


55. Which one of the following estimation approaches is appropriate at this stage of the project? 2 credits


56. Why might a RAD approach be a better option for the test manager rather than a sequential development? 2 credits


57. The business has asked for a weekly progress report.

Which of the following would be appropriate as a measure of test coverage? 2 credits


58. Which of the following product risks would be most effectively addressed just by static testing? 3 credits


59. As a result of the RAD based development approach, the test manager has decided to change the risk mitigation approach.

Which test technique might be most appropriate to use? 2 credits


60. Which of the following is NOT a typical key challenge for testing in a RAD based development approach? 1 credit


61. Topic 11, Scenario 11 "Incident Management"

The following is the current incident handling process in used at the company.

Step 1: Incident is documented in the incident Tile with the following information:

– Software module or area where the fault occurred

– Who has reported the fault

– Hardware configuration used for the test that found the fault

– The sequential incident number (1 greater than the last one recorded)

Step 2: Developer assigned to fix the fault

Step 3: Developer fixes the fault

Step 4: Developer signs off the incident as closed, and it is then removed from the incident file

Regarding the process described above, what is the most important recommendation you would make using IEEE 1044 as a guide? 2 credits


62. Topic 12, Scenario 12 “Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)”

You are a test manager in charge of integration, system and acceptance testing for a bank. You are working on a project to upgrade an existing ATM to allow customers to obtain cash advances from supported credit cards. The system should allow cash advances from 20 to 500, inclusively, for all supported credit cards. The supported credit cards are American Express, VISA, Eurocard and Mastercard.

In the master test plan the following items are listed in the section named “items and/or features to be tested”:

I All supported credit cards

II Language localization

II Valid and invalid advances IV Usability

V Response time

Relying only on the information provided in the scenario, select the TWO items and/or features for which sufficient information is available to proceed with test design. 2 credits


63. Given the following figures for the testing on a project, and assuming the failure rate for initial tests remains constant and that all retests pass, what number of tests remain to be run? 3 credits


64. Continuing with the Scenario described in the previous question, which of the following topics would you need to address in detail in the master test plan? 3 credits


65. Given is the following defect removal chart reported at the end of system testing – showing total defects detected and closed defects (fixed and successfully retested). A number of open defects are classified as critical. All tests have been executed.

Based on the chart above, what is the most appropriate next test phase? 1 credit


66. Topic 13, Mix Questions

What benefits do static analysis tools have over test execution tools?


67. The difference between re-testing and regression testing is:


68. Boundary value testing:


69. Tests are prioritized so that:


70. Which of the following is not a type of incremental testing approach?


71. Consider the following pseudo code:

1 Begin

2 Read Time

3 If Time < 12 Then

4 Print (Time, "am")

5 Endif

6 If Time > 12 Then

7 Print (Time 12, "pm")

8 Endif

9 If Time = 12 Then

10 Print (Time, "noon")

11 Endif

12 End

How many test cases are needed to achieve 100 per cent decision coverage?


72. Incorrect form of Logic coverage is:


73. Which of the following is correct?

Debugging is:


74. Which of the following is a benefit of test independence?


75. Reporting Discrepancies as incidents is a part of which phase:


76. Designing the test environment set-up and identifying any required infrastructure and tools are a part of which phase:


77. A tool that supports traceability, recording of incidents or scheduling of tests is called..?


78. To test a function, the programmer has to write a _________, which calls the function to be

tested and passes it test data:


79. Which of the following, if observed in reviews and tests, would lead to problems (or conflict) within teams?


80. What should be the MAIN objective during development testing?


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