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1. What is an accurate statement about Governance?


2. Which exhibit represents a Type 1 hypervisor?






3. An Ethernet switch has eight ports and all ports must be operational for 24 hours, from Monday through Friday.

However, a failure of Port4 occurs as follows:

• Monday = 8 PM to 9 PM

• Wednesday 7 PM to 9 PM

• Thursday = 6 AM to 9 AM

• Saturday = 4 PM to 7 PM

What is the MTTR of Port 4?


4. What accurately describes an iSCSI HBA?


5. When using the erasure coding technique in an object-based storage system, data is divided into 12 data segments and 4 coding segments.

What is the maximum number of disk drive failures against which data is protected by the configuration?


6. What is a key advantage of cloning a virtual machine (VM)?


7. A company is using an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) to scan and analyze intrusion events.

Which IDPS technique uses a database that contains known attack patterns?



In a backup operation, what are the correct sequence of steps after the backup server initiates the scheduled backup process?

9. In an archiving environment, how is a content address created in a content addressable storage (CAS) system to store an object?


10. What is a benefit of link aggregation?


11. In a compute-based storage area network (SAN), what is a function of the metadata manager?


12. Why is it important for organizations to store, protect, and manage their data?


13. A Fibre Channel switch has eight ports and all ports must be operational 24×7.

However, a failure of Port 5 occurs on a particular week as follows:

• Monday = 11 AM to 12 PM

• Thursday = 7 AM to 11 AM

• Saturday = 11 AM to 1 PM

What is the availability of Port 5 in that week?


14. Which layer of the OSI model provides the functional and procedural methods to transfer data between network entities?


15. What is an accurate statement about variable prefetching?



Match the Fibre Channel (FC) Layers with their respective functions.

17. Which Dell EMC product is a hyper-scale storage infrastructure that provides universal accessibility with support for object and HDFS?


18. Which cloud deployment model allows provisioning of a cloud infrastructure only for use by a single organization having multiple consumers?


19. A company plans to deploy a new application in their environment. The new application requires 2 TB of storage space. During peak workloads, the application is expected to generate 4500 IOPS with a typical I/O size of 4 KB. The capacity of each available disk drive is 250 GB. In addition, the maximum number of IOPS a drive can perform at with a 70% utilization is 90 IOPS.

What is the minimum number of disk drives needed to meet the application’s capacity and performance requirements for a RAID 0 configuration?


20. Which technology decouples the OS, applications, and user state from a physical compute system?


21. What is the goal of a business continuity solution?


22. What is a function of the metadata service in an object-based storage device (OSD)?



Match the types of attack with their respective description.

24. What accurately describes virtual SAN (VSAN) trunking?


25. What does an area ID represent in Fibre Channel (FC) addressing?


26. Based on the exhibit,

What does the "X", "Y", and "Z" represent in a NAS environment?


27. Which type of zoning does the "X" represent?


28. Which functionality does a Control layer provide in a software-defined networking architecture?


29. What accurately describes an Incident in a storage infrastructure?


30. What accurately describes the scale-out storage architecture?


31. Which technology combines NAND flash memory into a hard disk drive and is a single, integrated device incorporating both types of storage?


32. Which Dell EMC product creates a server and IP-based SAN from direct-attached server storage to deliver flexible and scalable performance and capacity on demand?


33. Which Internet of Things (IoT) component is responsible for the automation of operations by applying a force based on the dynamics of data?


34. In an FCoE switch, which function is provided by the Fibre Channel Forwarder (FCF)?


35. Which technology is used in the media and entertainment industry to enable content-based search activity and to create video subtitles using natural language processing?


36. Why are organizations moving towards a modern data center implementation?


37. What is a key objective to performing continuous replication?


38. What accurately describes a shared pool in virtual provisioning?


39. Which data archiving component scans primary storage to find the files that meet the archiving policy?


40. In the event of a disk failure, which RAID level enables quick data reconstruction?


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