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1. A project sponsor informs a project manager that even though a completed project was on schedule, within budget, and met scope requirements, the customer is dissatisfied with the final product.

What should the project manager have done to avoid this?


2. A vendor communicates that the delivery of a project item will be delayed by two weeks.

What should the project manager do?


3. A customer is surprised about a change made to a deliverable. The project manager explains that this change was communicated via email, and that there is a possibility that the email has not yet been read

What should the project manager have done differently?


4. While reviewing project documentation, a project manager discovers that modification were made without proper approvals.

What should the project manager do next?


5. A project management office (PMO) assigns a resource to a project To what should the project manager refer to evaluate this resource?


6. An organization has contracts with an external supplier to support a critical part of a project Senior management and the project ream have differences about what deliverables the external supplier should provide.

What plan should be reviewed to eliminate these differences?


7. All quality controls have passed, and a project deliverable is ready to be released to the customer However, a change request to add new quality criteria has been approved.

What should the project manager do first?


8. How can a project manager of a new technology protect validate that the design meets the customer’s needs?


9. A project manager receives project charier approval for an expansion project Subsequently the government introduces a new regulation with which the expansion project must comply This will significantly impact the project’s schedule and budget

What should the project manager do?


10. A project’s budgeted value of work completed is less than the authorized budget for planned work.

What project scenario does this describe?


11. A project’s original budget at completion (BAC) was calculated as US$100,000, but the estimate at completion (EAC) is US$120,000 if the schedule performance index (SPI) is equal to 1, what is the cost performance index (CPI)?


12. A project is nearing completion when the project manager learns that a change in market regulations may impact the project, what sn6uld the project manager do?


13. A project team member decides that engaging the customer on some alternative designs is unnecessary if all functionalities are delivered. The entire team decides to only engage the technical department on the best product design After user acceptance testing, the customer complains about the selected design

To ensure that the customer accepts the project deliverables what should the project manager do?


14. A project sponsor decides to add a feature to the project that affects the project cost, schedule, and scope.

The change is approved by the change control board.

Which process governs the project manager’s implementation of the approved change?


15. A project manager notices that the project is behind schedule because materials delivery was delayed. The procurement team informs the project manager that new government-imposed rules for the procurement of these materials caused this delay.

In what plan should these new rules be documented?


16. A project manager is developing a schedule for a communications project. The available project information is vague.

What should the project manager do to address this?


17. A recently promoted project manager must facilitate the weekly status update meeting, what should the project manager do to ensure a productive meeting?


18. After a functional team delivers a product the project manager uses statistical sampling and inspection to determine if the product performs as expected

What is the output of this process?


19. A performance report indicates a variation in a product’s specifications. The project manager calls an emergency meeting during which all team members offer suggestions for the possible cause of the variance.

What tool or technique is the team using?


20. During the construction of a facility project, the project manager notices that the project document does not nave the cost or mommy reports from the past two months. While meeting with the project team, the project manager requests greater focus on compliance with the processes established by the organization.

What should the project manager do to prevent this issue from occurring again?


21. A project has live finish-to-start (FS) activities

– Activity A takes one day.

– Activity B follows A and takes five days

– Activity C follows B and takes two days.

– Activity D follows B and A and takes two days.

– Activity E is preceded by C and D and takes two days

What would be the critical path(s)?


22. A project manager discovers an enhancement that will improve the design being developed by a subject matter expert (EME).

What should the project manager do?


23. Provisional training is provided for a project that is in the process of client hand-over. The client then asks for a step-by-step manual which was not included in the project’s deliverables

What should the project manager do?


24. In a multi-site development project, sharing documents within the project team is identified as a security risk Introducing a new software release would mitigate this risk.

What should the project manager do first?


25. As a project progresses the project manager notices that weekly project status meetings are no longer serving the purpose for which they were intended

What should the project manager do to improve the meetings?


26. A project manager in a weak-matrix environment must coordinate across the organization. During the execution phase, the project manager needs critical information to address important issues to help the team remove obstacles

What skills should the project manager use?


27. A project is being audited to ensure compliance with organizational policies.

What process is being conducted


28. A project manager and project learn have successfully implemented a new product line at their company and are in the process of closing it out. The project manager has obtained acceptance from the internal customer, conducted reviews, and documented lessons learned

What documentation should be created in order to complete the project?


29. As part of a project, a new plant is being constructed in a typhoon-prone area. This may impact the project s schedule and quality.

What should the project manager do to address this?


30. An organization initiates a large project in a developing country. The project manager, who is also the local stakeholder is very supportive of this project During project execution the project manager is transferred to another country. The new project manager is less supportive of the project because it uses many local resources who could be focusing on other daily responsibilities

What document should the project manager review?


31. A project team completes the identification of project and product requirements.

Which of the renewing were used to accomplish this?


32. A project status report shows that the earned value (EV) is 24.5. the schedule performance index (SPI) is 0.92, and the cost performance index (CPI) is 1.08.

In what area should the project manager implement corrective actions?


33. During a product’s testing phase, the customer discovers that a previously identified defect remains unfixed.

What should the project manager do?


34. A project manager identifies a task that will require special knowledge, but none of the team members have this knowledge. The project manager believes a similar situation will occur in an upcoming project

What should the project manager do next?


35. A project manager develops a risk breakdown structure (RBS) and divides it into four categories Later, the team identities a regulation issue with one of the customer’s requirements.

In what category should this new risk be included?


36. The Change control board (CCB) authorizes two corrective actions for implementation. The first action will cause a delay delivering the regular stakeholder communication report. The second action will require mote man hours on a severely delayed task on a critical path.

What should the project manager do first?


37. A manufacturing plant project is ready for hand-over to the maintenance manager. The

maintenance manager advises that the new plant is noncompliant with the company’s maintenance standards.

What should the project manager have done to avoid this?


38. A design team discovers that the work breakdown structure (WBS) created by the project manager is missing key tasks.

What should the project manager have done to avoid this?


39. While preparing the resource management plan, a project manager learns that me organization is unable to provide sufficient staff with the required skills.

What should the project manager do?


40. A team member realizes that a technical update will improve a product’s performance.

What should the team member do before implementing the update?


41. A project manager expected a vendor to complete testing of each component they produced and was surprised to discover that no testing was done. To recover, the project team performs a statistical sampling of the components

Where should the testing requirements have been recorded?


42. A company is going through a reorganization Although not all new positions are known yet organization changes are already being communicated.

What should the project manager do?


43. The project manager discovers that the vendor did not perform software technical testing.

Which document confirms whether the vendor should do this testing?


44. A project manager conducted interviews and brainstorming workshops to ensure that stakeholder requirements were gathered, and that a consensus was obtained lo provide specific hardware to maintain team communications

What should the project manager do next?


45. A protects outcome is highly sensitive to and dependent upon financial market activity Therefore, the company’s financial advisor delivers daily exchange rate forecasts. The projects budget was planned using a conservative scenario with high exchange-rate variations. The project manager now wants to review this budget to update the probability and impact of a possible new scenario using current financial conditions

To what should the project manager refer?


46. A company’s senior manager is expected to supply dedicated resources for a project However, the project manager has yet to receive the names of these resources

What document can the project manager share with the senior manager to enforce their authority to obtain resources?


47. While reviewing signed project documentation, the project manager notices that only successes were included. The project manager discovers that learn members were reluctant to sign documents that indicated errors.

What should the project manager do next?


48. The construction process for a building project is complete and the project manager wants to dose the project Some team members are already assigned to a new project. The remaining team members are unsure about what to capture in the close-out report.

What should the project manager do?


49. Members of a project learn are based in two countries Experienced resources work together at company headquarters in country A, while the remaining resources who deliver the project work, are located in the client’s office in country B. The project manager is located in the client’s office most of the time Last month, the experienced resources discovered several unacceptable issues, and expressed concern that the project manager is unable to fairly evaluate all efforts This causes the experienced resources’ productivity and morale to decline

What should the project manager do?


50. A project manager learns there are several unexpected issues in the project’s execution. The customer is dissatisfied because the deliverables are taking longer than planned the costs have increased and the quality of deliverables is affected

What process should the project manager have performed with greater emphasis during project planning?


51. A project manager implements an information system for a financial company. A senior It manager indicates that quality control has not identified any failures and that the new system is ready for end users

What should the project manager do?


52. A project manager delivered the final project report and is ready to close the project. The company is anxious to start an important project and asks the project manager to start the new assignment immediately

What final action should the project manager take before moving to the new project?


53. A resource’s functional manager requests confidential information about a delayed project Because the functional manager does not have the appropriate authorization level the resource asks permission from the project manager to share the information

What should the project manager do?


54. During planning, a project learn documented the possibility that new hardware could arrive up to 45 days late and delay the project’s delivery date One month into the project the manufacturer notifies the project manager that the hardware will be shipped 20 days sooner than anticipated

What should the project manager do next?


55. A matrixed organization has a history of project schedule and cost overruns. A new project manager learns of this history and wants to avoid the trend. The project manager works with the project team to define, validate, and control all required work to complete the project successfully

What document is produced from this activity?


56. Due to commitments to another project, an accountant fails to deliver an important report, what should the project manager nave referenced to avoid this?


57. The project manager of a pipeline project hires a construction contractor using a cost plus fixed fee (CPFF) contract, the contractor provides the project manager with an estimate of US$50,000, and a fixed-fee amount of US$5,000. When the pipeline is completed, the construction cost is US$60,000.

What amount should the contractor be paid?


58. During testing of a project component a senior tester discovers a functionality that will ensure the future performance of the projects. This will create a change in scope

Which type of change request should be made to include this functionality?


59. A project manager is working on a software implementation project for which a well-defined change management plan is in place During project execution a software developer notices that an untested and unapproved security patch needs to be installed or the system will become unstable

What should the project manager do?


60. Due to a recent incident, a dissatisfied stakeholder files a complaint about a project that has been closed.

What can the project manager do to help resolve this?


61. An IT department’s deliverable is two weeks late If the deliverable is not completed by the end of the week the project will be placed on hold Within the last two weeks the project manager communicated the issue to the IT department, spoke with the IT project manager and elevated the risk level in the risk register.

To support the work, what should the project manager do next?


62. At the completion of a project, customer agreement cannot be achieved through negotiations, what should the project manager do next?


63. After approval of a project scope statement, requests for proposal (RFP) are sent to potential contractors. The project manager indicates that detailed quotes will be required.

What estimating technique should the contractors use?


64. A project is completed and the product design packaging is delivered and accepted by the customer’s design engineer However, customer payment is still unresolved due to a concern about the product’s warranty

What should the project manager do next?


65. A new warehouse facility is under construction. The project manager knows that increasing the team’s training will result in a lower defect ratio.

What should the project manager do next?


66. What should the project manager use to compare different suppliers and rate their proposals?


67. During project execution, several concerned stakeholders confront the project manager with concerns. The project manager discovers that these stakeholders’ expectation^ were unrecorded and hence unmet

What should the project manager have consulted to avoid this?


68. Prior to the implementation of a system upgrade, a team member discovers a critical detect in the current system mat must be fixed.

What should the project manager do?


69. While estimating project costs, a project manager works with a subject matter expert (SME) who has historically underestimated the effort necessary to deliver project requirements. In all other areas, however, the SME is a good contributor, well respected, and often requested by stakeholders.

To proactively mitigate the risk of underestimation, what should the project manager do?


70. After preparation of the project management plan, the project manager schedules a meeting with Key stakeholders.

What part of the project will this complete?


71. A project’s budget at completion (BAG) is USS10000. its earned value (EV) is US$2000. and its actual cost (AC) is US$10,000. The planned value (PV) is USS20.000.

What efficiency must be maintained to achieve the current estimate at completion (EAQ?


72. Phase two of a complex, multi-phase project is completed, and the customer accepts the deliverables.

What should the project team do to benefit from this phase?


73. During the execution of an IT project, a project manager warns of the possibility that the main server may fail due to constant, local-area electrical outages. The project manager signs a contract to rent an additional server from a local company.

What strategy is the project manager using?


74. A project manager suggests training a software development team on unit testing techniques that can be applied during the coding phase. In addition, the project manager recommends the procurement of a server to run test cases during software development.

Of what is this an example?


75. A team member suggests using a mobile instant messaging application to allow the team

to promptly approve measures for improving the project’s schedule and costs.

To what should the project manager refer to implement this suggestion?


76. Work on a project passes the customer acceptance test and the customer expresses appreciation.

What should the project manager do to close the project?


77. A demanding project stakeholder insists that an additional feature be added to a project product without changing the scope, budget or schedule. The project manager allows this feature to be included since it adds great value to the end product. However, this lengthens the project schedule and increases project cost.

Which process should the project manager have following before including the additional product feature?


78. A project manager joins an ongoing project. During a weekly status meeting, the team informs the project manager that the project plan indicates that quality assurance will be performed during the closing phase.

What should the project manager do?


79. After preparing the work breakdown structure (WBS), the project manager is ready to assign task areas to project team members. Subsequently, the project sponsor asks to add requirements that the team feels are unachievable.

What should the project manager do next?


80. A project to replace a core business system is required by a company’s CEO. The CEO appoints a project sponsor, and urges an immediate start to the project. The project sponsor asks the project manager―who has no previous experience with such a complex project―to write the project charter.

What should the project manager recommend to the project sponsor?


81. A company has a longstanding client who is often late with payment. The company now has a new project with this client.

What document should the project manager use to ensure that payment delay information is documented for this project?


82. During risk analysis for a building renovation project, it is discovered that the building contains toxic materials that must be removed.

What should the project manager do to mitigate this risk using the risk transference strategy?


83. While preparing a project charter for a new project, a project manager reviews lessons learned from previous projects the lessons learned documents show frequent issues with low engagement levels and stakeholder misalignment on project objectives.

What should the project manager do to avoid repetition of this issue in the new project?


84. While preparing for a product launch, the project manager conducts a review and identifies a potential blocker to the launch.

What should the project manager do?


85. The communication technology being applied in a project was tested in simulated environments but never in actual projects. This lack experience with the technology must be addressed in detail.

Which at the following strategies should be used in the project’s planning process?


86. During a project steering committee meeting, the project manager reports that a formerly supportive key ream member has become resistant to and negative about changes.

Where should this information be captured?


87. A project manager assumes a new project.

As part of the initiation process, what should the project manager do prior to the planning stage?


88. While preparing for project hand-over to the operations team, the project manager discover that an audit report from an early project phase is missing.

What should the project manager do?


89. A team completes a prototype of a new product utilizing the latest technology. During testing it fails to meet performance specifications

What should the project manager do?


90. A large risk to a project is identified and the risk management plan is executed Upon completion of the approved actions.

What should the project manager do?


91. While managing a project for a multinational company, a project manager continues to accept changes from the client to maintain a good relationship and secure new business. Three quarters of the way through the project, the budget is depleted.

What should the project manager have developed to prevent this?


92. A company has a history of implementing system integration projects using their-in-house software with a vendor infrastructure A project manager, new to the company, has no prior experience with vendor integration projects

What should the project manager do?


93. During a project, several risks are identified. The project manager wants to determine what risks will have the most potential impact.

What should the project manager use to determine this?


94. Company A wants to subcontract the installation of a factory’s building management system to company B. After some adjustments and a review of key stakeholder feedback, company B’s project manager needs to develop the project charter for approval.

What should company B’s project manager consider as an input when developing the project charter?


95. An organization is completing a critical milestone during the construction of residential properties. The project is fully sponsored by the government. Ten days prior to completion of this key project phase: affected community members begin a four-day protest causing the project to be put on hold.

What should the project manager do?


96. A project team member requests a change that will impact the project’s major functionality. A subject matter expert (SME) conducts an impact assessment and determines that this change will affect the project’s timeline.

What should the project manager do?


97. A project manager assumes a recently approved project.

What will play a key role in determining the communication method?


98. A project manager planning various modules for a large-scale software development project has completed a trend analysis of previous projects. The project manager discovers that every project for the last two years has underestimated work and costs by at least 32 percent. The project manager decides to add a 35 percent allowance for work and budget

Of what type of risk acceptance is this an example?


99. A project manager must track schedule variances over time.

What tool or technique should be used to determine whether or not the variances are within acceptable limits?


100. A key project decision requires the support of all stakeholders. The project manager now teams that one key stakeholder was not previously identified.

What should the project manager do to prevent this from being an obstacle to the project’s progress and success?


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