250-437 Free Questions – Administration of Symantec CloudSOC

250-437 exam is an important Symantec certification which can test your professional skills. Candidates want to pass the exam successfully to prove their competence. Passquestion technical experts have collected and certified 250-437 Free Questions which are designed to cover the knowledge points of Administration of Symantec CloudSOC and enhance candidates abilities.

250-437 Free Questions – Administration of Symantec CloudSOC

1. How does the Audit module get data?


2. Which detector will trigger if CloudSOC detects anomalously frequent sharing?


3. Which are three (3) levels of data exposure?


4. Refer to the exhibit.

Which CloudSOC module(s) use firewalls and proxies as data sources?


5. How should an administrator handle a cloud application that fails to meet compliance requirements, but the business need outweighs the risk?


6. Refer to the exhibit.

What modules are used in the use case “Protect information from accidental and intentional exposure within cloud applications”?


7. What type of policy should an administrator use to prevent a user that is behaving in anomalous ways from sharing public links while you monitor them?


8. What is the objective of File Sharing policies?


9. Which CloudSOC module is similar to a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system?



10. What data source types does Audit support?


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