2V0-41.19 Free Questions – VMware Professional NSX-T Data Center 2.4 V9.02

It requires to pass 2V0-41.19 to complete VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization 2020 (VCP-NV 2020) certification. VCP-NV 2020 certification is issued by VMware, which mainly proves you can transform the economics of network and security operations for your company. 2V0-41.19 exam questions and answers were released to ensure that you can pass VMware Professional NSX-T Data Center 2.4 exam smoothly. Currently, we provide 2V0-41.19 exam questions V9.02 with 105 practice questions and answers. Come to get 2V0-41.19 exam pdf and testing engine to do the best preparation first.

2V0-41.19 Free Questions – VMware Professional NSX-T Data Center 2.4 V9.02

1. Which statement Is true regarding the audit user account? (Choose two.)


2. Which two statements describe the characteristics of the Services Router (SR) component of a Tier-0 Gateway? (Choose two.)


3. Which two commands could be used on an ESXI transport node to validate connectivity to the NSX Manager? (Choose two.)


4. Which network tool cloud an administrator use on an ESXi 6.7 host to capture packets when troubleshooting connectivity issues?


5. What are three NSX Manager roles? (Choose three.)


6. An NSX administrator would like to export syslog events that capture messages related to NSX host preparation events.
Which message ID (msgid) should be used in the syslog export configuration command as a filter?


7. An NSX administrator has deployed an NSX Edge on a bare-metal server.
Which command registers the NSX Edge with the NSX Manager?


8. What is the maximum supported ECMP paths in NSX-T 2.4 Data Center?


9. An NSX administrator created a Segment from the Simplified UI and wants to find the Replication Mode configured on the Segment.
Which NSX CLI command lists the Replication mode?


10. What is the most restrictive NSX-T built-in role which will allow a user to apply configuration changes on a NSX Edge?


11. What are the supported N-VDS modes?


12. Which three hardware-based offloads provide maximum performance for physical network interface cards? (Choose three.)


13. Which CLI command is used to start the NSX Manager virtual machine in the KVM environment?


14. A customer is planning deployment of a third-party OpenStack application.
Which is used to grant permissions to the application on NSX Manager?


15. An NSX administrator is migrating vSphere port groups configured in vSphere to N-VDS.
What are two migration options? (Choose two.)


16. What are three functions of a Tier-0 Gateway in a multi-tenant service provider environment? (Choose three.)


17. What are two supported VPN configuration types in a NSX-Y Data Center? (Choose two.)


18. An NSX administrator is applying QoS to guarantee bandwidth for critical production workloads.
Which three actions must be taken? (Choose three.)


19. A security administrator needs to configure a firewall rule based on the domain name of a specific application.
Which field in a distributed firewall rule does the administrator configure?


20. When a stateful service is enabled for the first time on a Tier-0 Gateway, what happens on the NSX Edge node?


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