2V0-51.18 Free Questions – VMware Professional Horizon 7.5 Exam

The Professional Horizon 7.5 Exam (2V0-51.18) which leads to VMware Certified Professional–Desktop and Mobility 2018 certification is a 59-item exam, with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method. Candidates are given a time of 105 minutes, which includes an automatic 30-minute time extension for non-native English speakers, to complete the exam.

To help you best prepare for your VMware Professional Horizon 7.5 Exam, Passquestion provides 2V0-51.18 Free Questions for you to practice, you can test in the following 2V0-51.18 Free Questions which is a part of real questions to check its quality.

2V0-51.18 Free Questions – VMware Professional Horizon 7.5 Exam

1. Which type of virtual machines can an existing pool contain when cloning an Automated Desktop Pool from an existing pool?


2. An administrator needs to add some files to each user’s writable volume.

What is the recommended procedure to accomplish this?


3. What is the correct network connection sequence when a VMware Horizon client connects to a VDI desktop without a secure tunnel?


4. A VMware Identity Manager administrator can utilize which three types of groups to entitle user groups to access and user resources? (Choose three.)


5. What is the minimum virtual machine hardware version required to use VGPU?


6. Writable Volumes can be assigned to which three choices? (Choose three.)


7. Which three Microsoft Windows desktop versions are supported by VMware User Environment Manager? (Choose three.)


8. Which Database Server is supported for View Composer and for the Events Databases?


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