2V0-51.19 Free Questions – VMware Professional Horizon 7.7 Exam 2019

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2V0-51.19 Free Questions – VMware Professional Horizon 7.7 Exam 2019

1. Which are two custom setup options when installing VMware Horizon Agent on a master image? (Choose two.)


2. An administrator connects to View Administrator and sees that the dashboard health indicator is red for the View Connection Server instance.

Clicking the red health indicator displays SSL Certificate: Invalid

What setting should the administrator review when troubleshooting this issue?


3. What is the effect of changing any VMware Blast policy that cannot be changed in real time?


4. What is the default behavior for AppVolumes drive letter assignments?


5. What is the minimum version of vSphere required to deploy instant clones?


6. The vRealize Operations Manager for VMware Horizon dashboards are all blank except for the Horizon Adapter Self Health dashboard.

What two actions will resolve the issue? (Choose two.)


7. Writable Volumes can be assigned to which three choices? (Choose three.)


8. While investigating slow performance, an administrator discovered that none of the desktops in the Microsoft Windows desktop pool is reporting metrics to vRealize Operations for VMware Horizon.

What action would enable the Microsoft Windows desktop pool to report metrics to vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon?


9. Which type of virtual machines can an existing pool contain when cloning an Automated Desktop Pool from an existing pool?


10. How many ESXi hosts may receive vSphere Desktop licenses if three 100-seat View Standard bundles are purchased?


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