[300-100 Free Questions] 300-100 LPIC-3 Exam 300: Mixed Environments

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Test Begin:

1. What is the true of the following share’s access properties? (Choose two.)



2. Which of the following parameters can be used in a Samba configuration in order to execute scripts on the server? (Choose three.)



3. What is the effect of the following line within a global section of a Samba configuration file?


4. Which of the following commands is used to join a properly configured Samba server as member to an Active Directory domain?


5. Which of the following Samba variables must be used to pass the machine name to the script specified in add machine script within a Samba configuration file?


6. By default, Samba tries to automatically detect the correct character set to use with a connecting client. Which parameter in smb.conf forces Samba to use only ASCII?


7. Which of the following sections must exist in a Samba configuration file in order to create dynamic shares for printers?



8. Which of the following ports are open by default on a Samba 4 Active Directory Domain Controller? (Choose three.)


9. In order to generate an individual log file for each of the machines connecting to a Samba server, which of the following statements must be used in the Samba configuration file?



10. Which of the following parameters is used in the database on a slave server to direct clients that want to make changes to the OpenLDAP database to the master server?



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