[300-165 Free Questions] 300-165 Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure

300-165 DCII exam is a hot CCNP Data Center Certification test, you will practice in the following CCNP Data Center 300-165 Free Questions to get a basic concept for your Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure test. To get full version practice, click the picture at the end of this article.

1. Refer to the exhibit.

You must ensure that the vPC Domain 100 controls the LACP Po1001 link.

Which feature do you configure?


2. Refer to the exhibit.

Which command configures a static FSPF route from MDS-A to FC ID 123456?


3. Refer to the exhibit.

What is the result when you run the force command?


4. Which statement about the configuration of a VXLAN is true?


5. You create a checkpoint on a Cisco Nexus 7700 Series switch. You plan to roll back the running configuration by using the checkpoint. You must ensure that changes are made only if the entire rollback can be applied successfully.

Which rollback option should you use?


6. In policy-based routing, which action is taken for packets that do not match any of the route-map statements?


7. switch# configure terminal

switch (config) # interface ethernet 1/4

switch (config-if) # switchport mode trunk

switch (config-if) # channel-group 1 mode active

Refer to the exhibit.

Which type of port channel was created?


8. Which statement about enhanced zoning on Cisco Multilayer Director Switches is true?


9. Which statement about electronic programmable logic device image upgrades is true?


10. You plan to configure authentication for OSPF. In which mode should you configure OSPF authentication to use a specific key chain?


11. Which GLBL load-balancing method ensures that a client is always mapped to the same virtual MAC address?


12. Which two features are required to implement a Layer 3 VXLAN gateway on the Cisco Nexus 5600 Series platform? (Choose two.)


13. Which command configures the aging for VLAN 100 to 500 minutes?


14. You experience an issue on a Cisco Nexus 7700 Series switch. You must gather detailed information about the system state and the configuration of the switch.

Which command should you run?


15. ipv6 access-list MY_ACL

permit tcp 2001:cc1e:aaaa::/64 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc::/64

permit udp 2001:cc1e:bbbb::/64 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc::/64

interface ethernet 1/1

ipv6 address 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc::1/64

ipv6 traffic-filter MY_ACL in

Refer to the exhibit. Only the ACL in the exhibit is applied on a VDC, and only the default VRF is used. In which two scenarios is traffic permitted?

(Choose two.)


16. Which two options can be used for link aggregation when you configure vPC member interfaces? (Choose two.)


17. Which two options should you consider when you configure a SAN zone set? (Choose two.)


18. Which technology is required in the underlay to facilitate remote VTEP discovery?


19. Which statement about SNMP support on Cisco Nexus switches is true?


20. Which command should you ran to distribute NTP configuration changes by using Cisco Fabric Services?


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