[300-180 Free Questions] 300-180 Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure

There are so many successful feedbacks for CCNP Data Center 300-180 DCIT exam recently, you will practice in the following CCNP Data Center 300-180 Free Questions to get a basic concept for your Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure test. To get full version practice, click the picture at the end of this article.

1. Which two statements are true regarding vPC? (Choose two)


2. FHRP isolation between data center networks that are connected over an OTV network is a two-step process; the first prevents FHRP peering by filtering FHRP control packets across the overlay via a VLAN ACL.

What is the second step?


3. You upgrade Cisco UCS Director. When you power on the Cisco UCS Director VM, the websock service fails to start.

Which action do you take to resolve the issue?


4. An administrator disassociates the service profile from a server.

What happens to the identity and connectivity information for the server?


5. Which two conditions can prevent vFC from coming up? (Choose two)


6. Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement describes the output of the command?


7. A customer has a Cisco UCS Central cluster. The customer configures LDAP as the AAA protocol and enables SSL for LDAP. The LDAP authentication fails.

Which issue is the cause of the failure?


8. Which action do you take to determine why the interface el/10 is not present in the core VDC for configuration?


9. Refer to the exhibit.

You install a new Cisco Nexus F3-Senes module on a Nexus 7700 Series switch. When you attempt to allocate an interface from the module to a new VDC, an error occurs.

Which issue could cause the error?


10. Which statement about the Nexus atomic rollback feature is true?


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