300-209 Free Questions – Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions V19.02

300-209 SIMOS Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions exam is one of four exams(300-206, 300-208, 300-209, 300-210) for CCNP Security certification. We know that CCNP Security is aligned specifically to the job role of the Cisco Network Security Engineer responsible for Security in Routers, Switches, Networking devices and appliances, as well as choosing, deploying, supporting and troubleshooting Firewalls, VPNS, and IDS/IPS solutions for their networking environments. When come to 300-209 exam, you can choose our 300-209 exam questions online as your study materials. Real 300-209 exam questions V19.02 ensure that you can pass 300-209 Cisco SIMOS exam smoothly.

300-209 Free Questions – Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions V19.02

1. What are two benefits of using DTLS when implementing a Cisco AnyConnect SSI VPN on a Cisco ASA or router? (Choose two.)


2. You are configuring a Cisco ASA for Clientless SSL VPN.
Which command do you run to prevent web browsing from the Cisco SSL VPN portal page?


3. Which encryption algorithm does Cisco recommend that you avoid?


4. An engineer is troubleshooting an IPsec site-to-site tunnel and verifies that the tunnel status is MM_WAIT_MSG6.
What can be determined from this message?


5. Which benefit of ECC as compared to RSA is true?


6. Which method dynamically advertises the network routes for remote tunnel endpoints?


7. Which two methods customize the installation of the Cisco AnyConnect client? (Choose two.)


8. Your company network security policy requires that all network traffic be tunneled to the corporate office. End users must be able to access local LAN resources when they connect to the corporate network.
Which two configurations do you implement in Cisco AnyConnect? (Choose two.)


9. Which description of how DTLS improves application performance is true?


10. Which command displays the NBMA IP addresses when DMVPN is configured with tunnel protection?


11. Which VPN solution enables you to publish applications to users by using bookmarks?


12. When configuring a FlexVPN, which two components must be configured for IKEv2? (Choose two.)


13. When a Cisco ASA is configured for Active/Standby failover, what is replicated between the devices?


14. You must implement DMVPN Phase 3 by using EIGRP as the dynamic routing protocol for the tunnel overlay.
Which action do you take to allow EIGRP to advertise all routes between the hub and all the spokes?


15. When using Clientless SSL VPN on a Cisco ASA, which authentication method is required for single sign-on?


16. Which two descriptions of the characteristics of Cisco GET VPN are true? (Choose two.)


17. What is a functional difference between IKEv1 and IKEv2 on a router?


18. Which cryptographic method provides passphrase protection while importing or exporting keys?


19. Which VPN technology preserves IP headers and prevents overlay routing?


20. Which two features are available in the Plus license for Cisco AnyConnect? (Choose two.)


21. You need to configure your company’s client VPN access to send antivirus client update traffic directly to a vendor’s cloud server. All other traffic must go to the corporate network.
Which feature do you configure?


22. Where must an engineer configure a preshared key for site-to-site VPN tunnel configured on a Cisco ASA?


23. A network engineer is troubleshooting a VPN configured on an ASA and has found Phase 1 is not completing.
Which configured parameter must match for the IKE Phase 1 tunnel to get successfully negotiated/


24. An engineer is configuring a site-t-site VPM tunnel.
Which two IKV1 parameter must match on both peers? (Choose two.


25. Which cryptographic algorithm is used for data integrity?


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