[300-320 Free Questions] 300-320 Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures

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1. Topic 1, Exam Pool A

What is the maximum number of routers that each OSPF area (including the backbone) should contain?


2. What is the maximum number of neighbors that a router should have in an OSPF area?


3. Which technology allows multiple instances of a routing table to coexist on the same router simultaneously?


4. Which first-hop redundancy protocol that was designed by Cisco allows packet load sharing among groups of redundant routers?


5. Which routing protocol provides the fastest convergence and greatest flexibility within a campus environment?


6. A network manager wants to securely connect a new remote site to the existing headquarters site using a VPN technology that meets security requirements.

Which VPN technology should be used?


7. Which type of connectivity is required for VPLS?


8. Which protocol should be run on the LAN side of two edge routers (that are terminating primary and backup WAN circuits) to provide quick failover in case of primary WAN circuit failure?


9. Which protocol is best when there are circuit connections with two different ISPs in a multihoming scenario?


10. Private lines make use of which connection type based on cell switching?


11. Refer to the exhibit.

Which functionality must be enabled on router A to connect two networks for translating private addresses into "legal" public addresses on a one-for-one basis?


12. Which technology fulfills these requirements?

Utilize a connection that must support a range of traffic, voice, video, and data.

This traffic must also support transmission via a fixed blank 53-byte cell.


13. Which option is used as a top-of-rack device that is managed by its parent device, providing ease of management?


14. Which option provides software modularity in Cisco NX-OS software in the data center design?


15. A network administrator wants to provide high availability in a data center environment by making sure that there is no reconvergence of Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols when there is a Layer 3 switch failure.

Which Cisco Nexus feature fulfills this purpose?


16. Which virtualization technology allows for HSRP protocol to be used in the active/active configuration where both HSRP Layer 3 devices can forward network traffic?


17. Which technology extends Layer 2 LANs over any network that supports IP?


18. What is the purpose of an OTV edge device?


19. Which architecture provides a way to deliver end-to-end QoS as required by real-time voice and video business



20. CoS is applied for Layer 2 markings in an Ethernet environment.

Which protocol must be configured on the Layer 2 switch port for CoS to work?


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