300-375 Free Questions – Securing Wireless Enterprise Networks V11.02

There is no time for 300-375 Securing Wireless Enterprise Networks exam to fail. All CCNP Wilreless certification exams will be ended at February 20, 2020. Cisco 300-375 exam questions from PassQuestion were updated on November 23, 2019, which has been verified by some candidates. Real Cisco 300-375 exam questions and accurate answers will help you complete your 300-370 Securing Wireless Enterprise Networks exam smoothly. Let me share some 300-375 free questions online now.

300-375 Free Questions – Securing Wireless Enterprise Networks V11.02

1. Which Cisco feature must an engineer configure on a cisco WLC to enable PCI specification compliance for communication of neighbor radio information?


2. Which three configuration steps are necessary on the WLC when implementing central web authentication in conjunction with Cisco ISE. (Choose three.)


3. An engineer requires authentication for WPA2 that will use fast rekeying to enable clients to roam from one access point to another without going through the controller.
Which security option should be configured?


4. An engineer has determined that the source of an authentication issue is the client laptop.
Which three items must be verified for EAP-TLS authentication? (Choose three.)


5. Which two options are types of MFP that can be performed? (Choose two.)


6. Access points at branch sites for a company are in FlexConncct mode and perform local switching, but they authenticate to the central RADIUS at headquarters. VPN connections to the headquarters have gone down, but each branch site has a local authentication server.
Which three features on the wireless controller can be configured to maintain network operations if this situation reoccurs? (Choose three.)


7. A customer has deployed PEAP authentication with a Novell eDirectory LDAP Server.
Which authentication method must be configured on the client to support this deployment?


8. Which security method does a Cisco guest wireless deployment that relies on Cisco ISE guest portal for user authentication use?


9. Which CLI command do you use on Cisco IOS XE Software to put the AP named Floor1_AP1 back in the default AP group?


10. Which two events are possible outcomes of a successful RF jamming attack? (Choose two.)


11. An engineer is configuring client MFP.
What WLAN Layer 2 security must be selected to use client MFP?


12. An engineer is configuring a new mobility anchor for a WLAN on the CLI with the config wlan mobility anchor add 3 command, but the command is failing.
Which two conditions must be met to be able to enter this command? (Choose two.)


13. After receiving an alert regarding a rogue AP, a network engineer logs into Cisco Prime and looks at the floor map where the AP that detected the rogue is located. The map is synchronized with a mobility services engine that determines the rogue device is actually inside the campus. The engineer determines the rogue to be a security threat and decides to stop it from broadcasting inside the enterprise wireless network.
What is the fastest way to disable the rogue?


14. A Customer is concerned about denial of service attacks that impair the stable operation of the corporate wireless network. The customer wants to purchase mobile devices that will operate on the corporate wireless network.
Which IEEE standard should the mobile devices support to address the customer concerns?


15. An engineer is configuring a BYOD deployment strategy and prefers a single SSID model.
Which technology is required to accomplish this configuration?


16. WPA2 Enterprise with 802.1x is being used for clients to authenticate to a wireless network through an ACS server. For security reasons, the network engineer wants to ensure only PEAP authentication can be used. The engineer sent instructions to clients on how to configure their supplicants, but users are still in the ACS logs authentication using EAP-FAST.
Which option describes the most efficient way the engineer can ensure these users cannot access the network unless the correct authentication mechanism is configured?


17. When you configure BYOD access to the network, you face increased security risks and challenges.
Which challenge is resolved by deploying digital client certificates?


18. Which mobility mode must a Cisco 5508 wireless Controller be in to use the MA functionality on a cisco catalyst 3850 series switch with a cisco 550 Wireless Controller as an MC?


19. An engineer is changing the authentication method of a wireless network from EAP-FAST to EAP¬TLS.
Which two changes are necessary? (Choose two.)


20. Which two 802.11 methods can be configured to protect card holder data? (Choose two.)


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