300-615 DCIT Exam Questions Online – Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure

The Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure v1.0 (DCIT 300-615) exam is a 90-minute exam associated with the CCNP Data Center and Cisco Certified Specialist – Data Center Operations certifications. PassQuestion new released 300-615 DCIT Exam Questions to help you pass your exam easily, you can practice online in the following .

1. A vPC Type-1 inconsistency between two vPC peers in a VXLAN EVPN setup is discovered.

Which two actions need to be attempted to resolve the issue? (Choose two.)


2. A mission-critical server is connected to site A. Connectivity to this server is lost from site B because the MAC route is missing in the OTV VDC of the Nexus 7000 in site B due to MAC aging.

Which action allows the flooding of the unknown unicast MAC on the Nexus 7000 in the OTV VDC?


3. Refer to the exhibit.

After a failover occurs, which two actions must be performed on Switch-B to manually preempt the operational primary role back to Switch-A? (Choose two.)


4. Refer to the exhibit.

An OSPF adjacency between Router-A and Router-B cannot reach the FULL state.

Which action resolves the issue?


5. The Cisco Nexus switch is connected to a peer switch that is not running Cisco NX-OS. The switches are connected using port channel and are experiencing packet loss.

Which action should be performed on the Cisco Nexus switch ports to resolve this issue?


6. Refer to the exhibit.

The HSRP configuration in the exhibit fails to function.

Which action resolves this issue?


7. Refer to the exhibit.

The HSRP instance on both switches is showing as active.

Which action resolves the issue?


8. An engineer is troubleshooting a fabric discovery failure.

Which two requirements must an engineer verify about switch connectivity to solve the problem? (Choose two.)


9. Refer to the exhibit.

A network engineer has connected the Nexus switch management port to the Internet using DHCP to allow the Guest shell running on the switch to download Python packages. The engineer can ping google.com successfully from the Nexus switch, but the Guest shell failed to download any Python packages.

Which action resolves the problem?


10. Refer to the exhibit.

vPC between switch1 and switch2 is not working.

Which two actions are needed to fix the problem? (Choose two.)


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