300-915 DEVIOT Real Questions – Developing Solutions Using Cisco IoT and Edge Platforms

300-915 Developing Solutions Using Cisco IoT and Edge Platforms is a exam related to Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification. You can get the latest 300-915 DEVIOT Real Questions From PassQuestion to well prepare for your Cisco 300-915 exam. We ensure you can pass your 300-915 DEVIOT exam easily in your first time.

The Developing Solutions Using Cisco IoT & Edge Platforms v1.0 (DEVIOT 300-915) exam is a 90-minute exam that is associated with the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional and Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – IoT certifications. This exam tests a candidate’s IoT application development knowledge as it pertains to Cisco IoT edge compute and network architecture including Cisco IOx and Cisco EFM, IoT Data Visualization, and security methods. 

300-915 DEVIOT Real Questions – Developing Solutions Using Cisco IoT and Edge Platforms

1. A company is collecting data from several thousand machines globally.

Which software component in the overall architecture is the next destination of the dataflow after the data has been gathered and normalized on the edge data software?


2. Which data visualization technique should be used to represent an important single metric on a dashboard?


3. When trying to subscribe to an MQTT broker on the internet, the MQTT client is on a private subnet and must be NATed to reach the public broker.

What is the expected outcome when this configuration is in place?


4. Which two states are applications expected to be seen in when they are managed on Cisco IOx? (Choose two.)


5. Which connector is southbound?


6. When constructing a Python script for data extraction using GMM APIs on a Cisco Kinetic Cloud platform, how should the API authentication be implemented?


7. An IoT engineer is responsible for security at an organization. Humans and machines need to be allowed to access services like database or compute on AWS. The engineer decides to implement dynamic secrets.

Which method helps to get this implementation accurate from a security point of view?


8. Which statement explains the correct position of a PLC within the CPwE architecture?


9. A sensor reads potentially critical data from an industrial device, but most of the data from the sensor is not critical information and does not change unless a critical event happens.

Which data work flow is appropriate for how the critical and non-critical data is processed?


10. Refer to the exhibit.

When a Docker image is built using this Dockerfile, which two statements are valid on Cisco IOx 1.8 and before? (Choose two.)


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