33810X Exam Questions To Pass Avaya Aura® Contact Center Solution Design Exam

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33810X Exam Questions To Pass Avaya Aura® Contact Center Solution Design Exam

1. When using a browser to administer the Avaya Aura® Contact Center, which browser is supported with CCMA?


2. Refer to the exhibit.

A Contact Center administrator uses different tools and applications In the Contact Center environment.

Which application is shown In the exhibit?


3. A design specialist has scheduled his first discovery conversation with a customer.

Which three factors would the specialist be able to address with the customer? (Choose three.)


4. A sales representative is preparing for a customer presentation with market trends for Avaya Aura® Contact Center administration tools and applications.

Which two market trends should be Included? (Choose two.)


5. The IT manager installed AACC on virtualized servers.

Which identifier is used for the creation of licenses?


6. A finance director wants a solution that both answers Inbound calls during peak call times to avoid poor customer experience, and minimizes costs for additional agents.

Which solution meets these customer requirements?


7. A support manager experienced that each Voice Contact runs through an application designed with the Which service controls the pathway through the application?


8. A design specialist prepares for a customer meeting, and knows that data on the customer, their Industry, and the possible competition, will need to be collected.

Which additional information is also needed?


9. The SIP-enabled AACC Communication Control Toolkit integrates the agents and supervisors within the SIP environment to offer features.

Which application programming interface type is used to publish the CCT functions?


10. An IT manager wants Avaya Breeze® because it provides a virtuallzed and secure application platform for Snap’lns.

Which two Avaya Breeze® Snap-ins are available with Avaya Aura® Contact Center? (Choose two.)


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