37820X Practice Test Questions To Pass Avaya Midsize Solution Design Exam

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Test Online Avaya Midsize Solution Design Exam 37820X Free Questions

1. Your customer has standardized on Chrome as their browser, and they want to use WebRTC to access their IP Office’".

Which two soft clients would you recommend? (Choose two.)


2. You are speaking with a customer who has a large multi-site enterprise, and limited IT staff to support a new communications system. They like the idea of housing the primary call control in a reliable data center, but do not have such an environment. In their business today. Local survivability is critical as reliable communications is a core function of their business.

Based on these factors, which IP Office™ deployment model would meet the customer requirements?


3. What is one of the features of the Avaya Vantage™ K165 that makes it different than the Avaya Vantage K175?


4. With the Basic level of account In Avaya Spaces, which statement about what users can do is true?


5. Refer to the Scenario: H&H Ticket.

H&H Ticket has a single administrator for all their locations. They heard about the User self-administration portal and want to know more about It to determine If this might reduce the number of administration requests they receive.

In addition to the voicemail and profile management, which two additional Items would you tell the customer that users can program themselves? (Choose two.)


6. Web Traveling.com is using Outlook with an Exchange server. You have proposed that the customer use the Outlook plug-In.

What does this plug-In do for the users at Web Travellng.com?


7. Refer to the Scenario:

Bittersweet Coffee Company (BCC).

Your initial bid response has been designed to meet only the customer’s stated needs from the RFP.

Which feature brings added value to your solution without incurring any additional cost to the customer?


8. Your customer wants to create wallboards.

In addition to the Basic Avaya Call Reporting license, what is required to provide wallboard templates?


9. You have completed your design for a customer who needs two analog lines for fax, reusing 50 digital telephones from their old system, 425 IP telephones (200 from their old system and 225 new), and 50 new SIP mobile users.

Based on this configuration of endpoints and users, which ports are required?


10. For Avaya Equinox® Meetings Online, In addition to capacity differences, which feature Is only offered in the Pro VMR?


11. With Avaya Spaces, which statement is true about the what users can do?


12. Refer to the Scenario: IT-FAC.

To keep the WIFI separate from the mobility offer, you have decided to address the mobility functionality by providing ten 3700 series Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) telephones for the staff working around the amusement center and one-X® Mobile Preferred for the six executives.

Based on the above information, what Is the impact of using DECT telephones and one-X® Mobile Preferred on the user licensing?


13. Current trends in the midsize segment can be grouped into four areas: IT (Information Technology), collaboration and engagement, workforce, and cloud communications.

In the area of cloud communications, which characteristic is associated with midsize businesses?


14. A customer wants the helpful tool that Is available to create marketing surveys In Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS).

Which component Is used to create surveys In ACCS?


15. Refer to the Scenario: IT-FAC.

You are proposing that the customer migrate to SIP trunks and install an Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE). Another Sales Engineer asks you why terminating SIP trunks directly on the IP Office™ and using the built-in firewall is not a best practice.

What is the reason for using the SBCE to terminate SIP trunks?


16. A customer is considering replacing their Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) network with WIFI. They ask you which type of network is better.

Which benefit would you tell them?


17. Which two routed contact types are supported In Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS)? (Choose two.)


18. What is the Vantage™ Voice Assistant?


19. The Avaya Vantage"" K155 device has a telephony form factor.

What does it mean to have a telephony form factor?


20. One of the features of IP Office Server Edition and IP Office Select is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) user synchronization.

To support on-going administration, this feature can be used to In addition to Name, Full Name, and extension, what other field can be synchronized?


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