[400-151 Free Questions] 400-151 CCIE Data Center Written Exam

Cisco CCIE Data Center Written Exam (400-151) certifies expert-level skills to plan, design, implement, operate, and troubleshoot complex Data Center infrastructure. It accesses the ability to understand the requirements of Data Centers, how different components in the Data Center interoperate, and ability to translate it into the device configurations.

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Test Begin:

1. According to Cisco, which two options are benefits of ITD compared to WCCP? (Choose two)


2. Which two options are different ways to extend the Layer 2 domain beyond the ACI fabric? (Choose two)


3. Which three options can be used to add a device as a member to a zone? (Choose three)


4. Which two statements about OpenStack are true? (Choose two)


5. Which two options are valid span configurations for a Cisco Nexus 1000 series Switch? (Choose 2)


6. Which four types of tables does Cisco vPath maintain. which are crucial for its operations to classify and redirect traffic flows to enforce service policies?


7. A VPC stretched from two leaf switches up to an ASA firewall you are configuring the VPC as an L3out interface in a Cisco ACI fabric.

How is the Layer 3 configuration applied?


8. Which four options are part of Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite product portfolio? (Choose four)


9. Which two guidelines and limitations of policy-based routing are true? (Choose two.)


10. Which two actions must occur for an APIC to be discovered successfully into a new ACI fabric? (choose two)


11. Which option is a commonly used network layer protocol in an environment?


12. which configurtion step is needed is Cisco UCS Director to enable an option to metadata report and REST API Browser for developers?


13. When the administrator uses the commit command to activate the changes to the call home configuration, it results in an error.

Which statement is true?


14. Which three configuration can be different between EVPN vPC peers? (Choose three.)


15. How many APICs can you communicate with at one time in a single REST call using Postman?


16. Which option must be configured before IP Source Guard is used successfully in your network environment?


17. Considering the ITIL v3 model, what are Puppet and Chef primarily used for?


18. Refer to the exhibit.

ITD is configured as shown on a Cisco Nexus 7000 switch.

Why is ping to VIP address still not working?


19. Which definition of Intelligent Service Card Manager is true?


20. Where are domains placed when they are initially registered with Cisco UCS Central?


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