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Test Begin:

1. What are the most common methods that security auditors use to access an organization’s security processes? (choose two)


2. Which three statements about WCCP are true? (choose three)


3. Refer to the exhibit,

Which two effects of this configuration are true? (Choose two)


4. Which 2 statements about 6to4 tunneling are true? (choose two)


5. Which 2 statements about a wireless access point configured with the guest-mode command are true? (Choose two)


6. Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statement about a device with this configuration are true? (choose two)


7. Which option is a data modeling language used to model configuration and state data of network elements?


8. Refer to the exhibit


Which data format is used in this script?


9. Which three statements about VRF-Aware Cisco Firewall are true? (choose three)


10. Which OpenStack project has orchestration capabilities?


11. Which two statements about Role-Based Access Control are true? (Choose two)


12. Refer to the exhibit

Which two statements about the given IPv6 ZBF configuration are true? (choose two)


13. Which three options are fields in a CoA Request Response code packet? (choose three)


14. Refer to the exhibit.

What are two effects of the given configuration? (choose two)


15. Which option best describes RPL?


16. Which two statements about the SeND protocol are true? (choose two)


17. In OpenStack, which two statements about the NOVA component are true? (choose two)


18. Which two statements about Botnet Traffic Filter snooping are true? (choose two)


19. Which two statements about ping flood attacks are true? (choose two)


20. Which two design options are best to reduce security concerns when adopting IoT into an organization? (Choose two)


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