4A0-100 Practice Test Questions – Nokia IP Networks and Services Fundamentals

4A0-100 Nokia IP Networks and Services Fundamentals exam is formerly known as Nokia Scalable IP Networks which credit towards Nokia Network Routing Specialist I (NRS I) Certification. PassQuestion 4A0-100 Practice Test Questions can help you to come true your dreams. Because it contains all the questions of 4A0-100 examination. With Passcert 4A0-100 Practice Test Questions, you could throw yourself into the exam preparation completely. With high quality 4A0-100 Practice Test Questions by Passcert provided, you will certainly pass the Nokia IP Networks and Services Fundamentals exam. Passcert can give you a brighter future.

4A0-100 Practice Test Questions – Nokia IP Networks and Services Fundamentals

1. You are configuring your Nokia 7750SR Service Router from the Command Line Interface (CLI), and after entering a lengthy command, wish to return directly to the ROOT context.

Which control command allows you to do this quickly?


2. Which of the following best describes a repeater?


3. How do protocols such as ATM and Frame-Relay support differentiating multiple customers or traffic types on the same physical wire?


4. Which of the following is a feature of Layer 3?


5. The network is subnetted using a /26 mask.

How many subnets and host addresses will you obtain with this mask?


6. What kind of information can a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client receive?


7. Choose two true statements that characterize Link State Routing


8. Which statement accurately explains the purpose of the TCP protocol and what it provides?


9. Which of the following is the best description of well known ports?


10. Which organization first considered cross-platform networking support to be a necessity?


11. Which of the following statements best describes ARPANET?


12. Kahn solved the problem of interconnecting different networks using different protocols by pioneering a new protocol called TCP that was capable of:


13. Which network was created to replace ARPANET?


14. Which statement best describes how the internet evolved?


15. Which organization eventually became the standards body for IP and related protocols?


16. What is the name for an organization that provides Internet services to its customers?


17. The IANA is responsible for:


18. Which of the following is an important advantage of protocol layering? (Choose two)


19. To transmit its segments of data across the network TCP uses the services of which layer?


20. Which of the following are protocols belonging to the OSI suite of protocols? (Choose two)


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