70-773 free questions – Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R

Are you preparing for your Microsoft 70-773 exam? In the effort of expanding out the breadth of certification offerings, Microsoft has added the Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R (70-773) exam. This exam focuses on using Microsoft R Server and SQL R Services for analyzing Big Data. Now you can get the latest 70-773 questions and answers from Passquestion to practice, the following are some 70-773 free questions collected from Passquestion 70-773 full version.

70-773 Free Questions – Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R

1. Note: This question Is part of a series of questions that use the same or similar answer choice. An answer choice may be correct for more than one question in the series. Each question is independent of the other questions in this series.

Information and details provided In a question apply only to that question.

You build a model that uses xyz regression.

You need to estimate a model that predicts a binary variable.

Which function should you use?


2. You have a Microsoft SQI Server instance that has R Services (In Database) installed. The server has a comma separated values (CSV) file stored in the local file system.

For analytic purposes, you need to read the CSV file into a database table in the SQL Server instance.

You connect to the SQL Server instance by using SQL Server Management Studio.

What should you use from sp_execute_external_script?


3. You plan to read data from an Oracle database table and to store the data in the file system for later processing by dplyrXdf, The size of the data is larger than the memory on the server to used for modelling.

You need to ensure that the data can be processed by dplyrXdf in the least amount of time possible.

How should you transfer the data from the Oracle database?


4. You are running a parallel function that uses the following R code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)

You need to complete the R code. The solution must support chunking.

Which function should insert at line 02?


5. You have one class support vector machines (SVMs).

You have a large dataset, but you do not have enough training time to fully test the model.

What is an alternative method to validate the model?


6. You need to build a model that looks at the probability of an outcome. You must regulate between L1 and L2.

Which classification method should you use?


7. You have a dataset.

You need to repeatedly split randomly the dataset so that 80 percent of the data is used as a training set and the remaining 20 percent is used as a test set.

Which method should you use?


8. You need to run a larger data tree model by using rsDForest. The model must use cross validation.

Which rxDForest option should you use?


9. You have following regression forest.

Which variable contributes the most to the dependent variable?


10. You have an Apache Hadoop Hive data warehouse. RevoScaleR is not installed.

You need to sort the data according to the variables in the dataset.

What should you do?


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