71800X Test Questions For Avaya IX Messaging Implementation and Maintenance Exam (60 Q&As)

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Test Online Avaya IX Messaging Implementation and Maintenance Exam 71800X Free Questions

1. When using distributed VSN configuration, how many advanced users can an entire Avaya IX™ Messaging solution support?


2. A customer has Avaya IX"’ Messaging installed and wants tomodifythe ETSIPService.ini file to enable TLS security.

In which folder is the ETSIPService.ini file located on the voice server hard drive?


3. When the Primary server becomes unavailable, it will stop updating the time stamps on the copied license files that exist on the Secondary server and the Consolidated server.

To stop the expiration of the copied license files, within how many days must the Primary server be recovered?


4. What are three deployment configuration considerations for installation of Avaya IX™ Messaging? (Choose three.)


5. What is the order of Avaya IX™ Messaging server installation in an High Availability architecture solution?


6. If there are data sync issues between the CS and the VSNs, which log folder you would look into?


7. Refer to the exhibit.

What is illustrated in the exhibit?


8. Which three Operating Systems are Messaging 10.8 SP1 installation? (Choose three.)


9. In Avaya IX™ Messaging, what are the default Voicemail and Application User passwords?


10. While doing a backup of the Avaya IXMessaging solution, which three folders must be chosen? (Choose three.)


11. Avaya IX™ Messaging stores the log files in which location?


12. Which RAID configuration should be configured for Avaya IX™ Messaging System supporting over 400 users?


13. At Maximum Processing Capacity, how many messages per minute (combined email and voice) can Avaya IX™ Messaging successfully process without loss of data, regardless of the number of users?


14. What is the function of the Secure Mobilink service on the Avaya IX™ Messaging Consolidated Server?


15. Which version of Avaya IX™ Messaging is able to send SNMP alarms to an SAL gateway?


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