72200X Free Questions – Avaya Aura Core Components Support Exam

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72200X Free Questions – Avaya Aura Core Components Support Exam

1. You are submitting a package of information to Avaya Support for a case you are raising. The files that you are sending include a trace taken using WireShark.

Which file format will the file be in?


2. When observing the Avaya Aura® Session Manager dashboard, you notice that one entity is marked as down.

Which two troubleshooting tools can be used to investigate the problem? (Choose two.)


3. After implementation, Avaya Aura® Session Manager (SM) replication status is Not Polling and the replica node is not reachable. The network connectivity has been verified, and so has the correct DNS configuration. Although Avaya Aura® System Manager (SMGR) cannot connect to SM, it can connect to other network components.

Based on an analysis of what is working and not working, where should the administrator try to isolate the issue?


4. From which website can you obtain resources such as Product Change Notifications (PCNs), Documentation, Knowledge-based articles and make Parts/Service requests?


5. Which statement regarding Full and Half call model processing is true?


6. Several remote workers have noticed that their feature buttons are not working. After running traceSM, the administrator did not see any PPM Responses coming from the Avaya Aura® Session Manager (SM).

How would your remote workers normally download their PPM data?


7. A customer calls Avaya support after their telecom administrator was unable to add 50 new telephones for new hires. Avaya support determines that the number of telephone exceeds the capacity that the system supports.

Which pre-installation step was omitted and therefore caused this problem?


8. A remote worker using the Avaya Equinox® on the smart mobile telephone obtains a private IP address delivered from the corporate network over WiFi when in range of the wireless hotspot. When the remote worker is out of range of the corporate WiFi it obtains a Public IP address via the 3G/4G mobile Service Provider.

When roaming from the public network to the corporate private network and vice versa, which strategy prevents the user from having to change the SIP Proxy Server address in the smartphone?


9. After an Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (CM) upgrade, a customer called Avaya support because their H.323 telephones were unable to login. Support was able to confirm that the telephones had not been upgraded.

Which pre-implementation step was omitted?


10. In the Avaya Aura® Core, Communication Manager can be deployed in which two modes? (Choose two.)


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