72400X Exam Questions For Avaya Equinox Solution with Avaya Aura Collaboration Applications Support Exam

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1. In a Team Engagement Deployment, which Avaya Equinox® Conferencing component is responsible for mixing and distributing media?


2. Consider an Avaya IXTM Workplace for Web Client connecting to a virtual meeting room from a public network.

Which two components within the call flow will be involved in the media path? (Choose two.)


3. Which component hosts Unified Portal in a Team Engagement (TE) deployment of the Avaya Equinox® Conferencing solution?


4. Which two options are available for the traceSM command? (Choose two.)


5. From Release R8.0.1, which statement regarding Multimedia Messaging is true?


6. When troubleshooting an Avaya Equinox® Conferencing solution issues related to access from the public network, debugging which component is recommended first?


7. Which three call flow steps apply to Avaya IXTM Workplace Clients? (Choose three.)


8. When saving a Customer Support Package on Equinox® Management, which two options are available to select? (Choose two.)


9. A user is trying to register on their Avaya IXTM Workplace Client (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android) from the Public Network.

Which ASBCE Network Interface is usually set to connect to the Public Network, and will be the first point of contact for the registration request from the Client’s IP?


10. How can an incorrect ESMSRVR value in the AADS Dynamic Configuration affect Avaya IXTM Workplace Client (Windows) users?


11. Users can register their Avaya IXTM Workplace client, whether they are located inside the Enterprise or connecting from a public network, without the need to modify client settings.

Which DNS feature makes this possible?


12. Which logging level on AAWG and AADS can impact server performance, and is not recommended to be left on for long periods of time?


13. Which three options are available for the traceSBC command? (Choose three.)


14. Which Avaya Aura® Media Server (AAMS) web GUI option allows access to the real-time monitoring tool useful for AAMS troubleshooting purposes?


15. Customer has changed Avaya Aura® Core and the Avaya Equinox® Conferencing solution domain name. As a result, new FQDNs were assigned to all solution components. New server identity certificates are now required. This customer does not use a Third-Party Certificate Authority (CA) and is not planning to. The customer is asking you if signed identity certificates can be generated internally.

What would you recommend?


16. What is the impact of an active ESMENABLED parameter set to 0 in AADS Dynamic Configuration on an Avaya IXTM Workplace Client (Win/Mac/iOS/Android)?


17. Which protocol is used between Avaya IXTM Workplace Clients for Multimedia Messaging?


18. In a Team Engagement deployment, the Avaya IXTM Workplace Thick Client (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android) registers and communicates to which component?


19. Which three call flow steps apply to Avaya IXTM Workplace for Web Client? (Choose three.)


20. In an Avaya Aura® release 8.0.1 environment, where is the best place to start troubleshooting Instant Messaging issues?


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